Friday, August 22, 2014

How Did Mars Get On My Face?!: Concealing and Hiding Unwanted Blemishes

     We all have those days where we wake up, look in the mirror, and then see a not-so-friendly spot on our face, that we know by the end of the day is going to be about three times bigger (or so we're going to feel), and will be about as red as Mars. Great. So now comes in our need to unleash our much needed superpowers and skills for concealing, and giving that blasted blemish a cage of invisibility.

     But how do you do that? Well first off, I'll tell you it is NOT by using the same shade of concealer that you place under your eyes. Noooo... the only thing that will do, is make it appear more noticable and obvious. Why, you may ask? Well, the reason you pat your undereye area with concealer is to cover up the blue and/or purplish hues that show beneath the thin, delicate layer of skin that makes you appear so darn tired (even if you really are).
     This being the case, your concealer is going to have orange or yellow hues mixed in, to cancel out the blue or purple. Orange is the opposite of blue, and yellow is the opposite of purple. Opposite colors will cancel each other out, and TADA!! Flawless. Naturally you will have gathered from this information and now figured out that yellow brightens things up. Trust me, the last thing you want to do to your blemish is to brighten it up and bring to it even more attention. No, not the idea here. So, as you see, using the same concealer for undereye brightening, for blemishes, is a BAD idea.

     What you want is to find a concealer that matches as close to the same hue of your foundation as possible. This way, when you apply it to that festering monster it actually is hidden, and you're not just globbing a bunch of makeup product on top of it. It has a purpose, and it shows (or rather hides, yay!).
     Yes, even in this case less is more. So please, don't cake on the concealer, it's not necessary. Take a fluffy, CLEAN eyeshadow brush or your ring finger (the finger with the lightest touch) and dab on a little bit of concealer, and remember to BLEND!! Then gently pat on a little translucent face powder, and you are done!!
     Now, remember, you cannot flatten out the texture of your blemish, but you can do something about the color. Even another reason why caking on your makeup won't do you any good. Once you have mastered this art, smoothing out your canvas to one color will be a sintch!

Happy Adventures!

Jessica Ashley

Friday, August 15, 2014

That Red Thing In My Closet: Brand-New Red Dress Addition

     As I have been ranting about my horrible, tarnished wardrobe, and it's desperate need for repair, I have some news...I bought a new dress!! Specifically, to be exact, a red dress. Yes, that's right, you heard me, a RED dress.
Great, ain't it?
     I'm quite pleased with myself, as I have been wanting such an article in my closet for some time now, and I hope I find the perfect opportunity to wear it.
     You don't just wear a red dress to any random occasion. No! Red says, "Look at me! I'm wonderful!" So, you want it to be just right. For example, one of the LAST places you want to be wearing a red dress is a funeral. Bad idea. In such place you are there to remember someone else, the time is not about you, nor the place to be flaunting your lovely beauty. Much too loud. People wear black to funerals for a reason...

     Now one of the BEST places to wear you red drapes is a happy, excited, social gathering. Like party! Not going out to the movies, where everyone's sitting in the dark, and can't see you. What was the point in wearing the dress, then? A party has lots of people, and the red dress will help you stand out. It says, "Come talk to me! I'm interesting!" Of course, don't forget your accessories. Put that smile on, it'll make all the difference, I promise. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

There's a Moth-hole In My Jacket!: Updating an Out-of-Date Wardrobe

     Ever come to that point in your year, month, week, whatever where you finally take  a moment to reminisce on all the new clothing shopping you've done over the past season or two, and it turns out to be basically none at all? That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now.

     Really. Even today, I somehow managed to go the ENTIRE day wearing a shirt I thought was fine, and just barely realized a couple hours ago that there is a button missing on the sleeve! Oh, and did I forget to mention that the shirt was already a hand-me-down already before that? Not that I'm big on thrift store shopping or anything, I'm not. In fact, a thrift store is about one of the last places I want to go to pick out my new statement piece for the season. Isn't that sad that I seem to spend so much time on my face, that I don't even pay attention to how quickly my wardrobe is desintegrating? I mean, I've still got pieces in my closet from high school!! What??

     So, how does one fix this ever-growing problem, this horrible fashion rut and grave I'm digging for myself? It gets even worse, you should see my shoes!! Even at 22-years-old I'm STILL tripping over my own feet, and scuffing the dickens out of my beloved footwear! But by the way my shoes get treated you wouldn't think they believe that adjective, would you? On top of all this, how does one create a decent clothing fund while living off of a student budget? Ha! That's a good one, think it's possible? There's gotta be something you can do when even your own college student cousin has better-looking, and bigger brand clothing than you!
     What to do, what to do. Start a fund? How? Or do I promise myself to spend at least twenty dollars every paycheck on either a brand-new shirt, pair of shoes, or bottoms? That wouldn't be such a bad idea, would it? Put $20 in a jar every time I get paid, and at the end of the month go out, and spend it at my favorite store; or set my sights on a favorite splurge item, save up, and go spend it once I hit the big number.

     What are your favorite ways to ensure that you keep an up-to-date wardrobe? Trust me, I'm all ears for this one. I need all the help I can get!

Talk to you soon!

    Jessica Ashley

Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking a Break From the Face: A Day Without Makeup

     Today, I don't have work, and I thought, "Hey, why not give my face a breather, and just not do my face today?"? You know? Since I'll most likely be lying around in sweats all day anyway, why not just take a break from dressing my face up as well?

     So, as I sit here in my newly washed hair, sweats, and sporting the most comfortable yet contradictory T-shirt EVER (Yes, meaning that it is a UTE T-shirt), my face remains untouched by any glamourous touch-ups.
     Why am I giving myself this day, you may ask? Well, to give my face a breather, as I said earlier, from anything that might clog my pores and cause even more imperfections. Also to maybe, perhaps just spend time with me, and learn to love myself in my true reflection. Hey, it's a healthy exercise. If you can't learn to love yourself in your true colors, you'll never learn to like yourself in a mask of makeup. Am I right?         Just like you might wake up one morning and see a brand-new pimple on your face that you're sure is so prominent the whole world can see it; and even after you dab loads of concealer and product on top of it, and now TRULY no one can see it, you go the entire day flinching at the girl in the mirror, because the first thing your eyes drift to is that dreaded pimple. Right? Learn to love that beautiful, natural canvas of yours, and you'll learn to love yourself no matter how much makeup you do or don't have on.

Have a wonderful and adventurous Friday!

Jessica Ashley