A little more about Mua!

     I'm a student at BYU with a major in Psychology, and a minor in Music. I have a chic, sophisticated fashion style. Audrey Hepburn is my idol! I love to dress up, just because I can. In my spare time I like to go shopping, sing and listen to my favorite music, and spend time with friends, and of course update my blog. I have an identical twin sister, but you wouldn't even know, because our personalities are so different, except for our shared love of music. I love absolutely anything and everything to do with makeup and beauty. I LOVE Italian food, especially my mother's home-cooking!

A few more things about me:

  • I am deathly afraid of spiders! (pretty sure it would qualify as a phobia)
  • I have a genuine fear of growing old (call me vain, but it's true)
  • I am a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • I absolutely LOVE chocolate!! It's definitely one medicine that will cure (or at least treat) a bad day.
  • I hate leaving my dwellings without primping myself somehow. I always like to look put together. NEVER will you see me looking crappy with the excuse of, "I literally just rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago, and came here."
  • I'm the oldest of 7 kids in my family.
  • I'm a trained vocalist of about 13 years and counting. I love to sing classical music!
  • Practicing is my weakness! (But I get to it...eventually)
  • It's totally normal for me to get up two hours before I need to be somewhere, just so I have time to get ready, and look my best! Even on a slow day. :)

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