Saturday, March 22, 2014

DIY Makeup Brush Jars

     I'm back! Recently, I've collected a "few" more brushes than I have room for storing them where I can get to them...effectively, anyway. So, I finally went to the craft store and got a few things. Very cheap, and very easy project. :)

     I put together a nice little video to walk you through it, in case any of you are doubting just how simple it is. You can decorate as you like of course, but I happen to like the simple look of clear. :)


   Jessica Ashley

Renpure Originals Shampoo & Conditioner - Sulfate free!

     Well, warm weather is coming in, and my hair is STILL as fragile, thin, and dry as it has ever been. So, I think it's time for a change. I'm going to do the best I can to thicken my hair back to where it used to be. Believe me, up until I was about 12 or 13-years-old my hair was so thick, I could wrap my thumb and index finger (the largest finger width on your hand) all the way around all of my hair, but my fingertips were always about a quarter of an inch away from touching, and I could not get them to touch! My hair was literally that thick! Then came good, old junior high, and the regular, routine use of that medieval device we girls call a "flat" or a straightening-iron WITHOUT the use of heat protectant. As consequence of such actions, and with the companions of stress, and our lovely friends called hormones, my hair began to thin, break, and fall out by the hundreds it seemed!
     On top of that, my hair care routine wasn't that great either. I'd use very cheap shampoo and conditioner EVERY day, and cheap shampoos commonly have an ingredient inside themselves that is quite the enemy to the health of our hair. We call them SULFATES!

      You know how when you don't wash your hair for a day or two your hair begins to feel and/or look very greasy? Well, what causes that greasy-look is the build of natural oils your hair follicles produce to keep your hair healthy, but society has decided that the greasy-hair look is a no-go; so we wash our hair to get rid of that oil. The problem is, is that those sulfates are so good at getting rid of all that oil that they don't just decrease the amount of oil in your hair, they completely strip your tressles of all the nutrients they need to stay healthy, plump, and smooth. This causes your gorgeous strands to become frail, brittle, frizzy, and thin.

     I decided it was time to change. So, I went and searched for the best sulfate-free shampoos, and found one at my local grocery store, believe it or not! I was so dearly hoping I could find one in John Frieda collection, but alas. Plus, I'm a college student, I can't splurge all the time, not just yet anyway.

     Then on the bottom shelf of the busyness of shampoos and conditioners I found this: Renpure Originals. Not only is it sulfate-free, but it has argan oil in it! Which I LOVE! Very wonderful ingredient if you're looking for shiny, smooth hair. Plus that, it was on the more affordable end of all the sulfate-free products. So even better!
     I used it this morning, and I love the way it made my hair feel. :)

     Along with the shampoo and conditioner, I also purchased a sulfate-free dry shampoo from Aveeno.

     I also tried this last night, in a hurry for a non-greasy look solution so I could go out with my girls! Works quite well. :) I'm so excited to see how my hair feels as I keep using my new sulfate-free friends! 

   Jessica Ashley

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To Julep or not to Julep? That is the question.

     Some of you may have heard of or seen this awesome collection of amazing nail polishes. What's cooler? They have a monthly subscription that includes two of their nail polishes and one other awesome product of theirs. That extra something can be anything from hand cream, makeup remover, foot treatment, hair product, other makeup product (eyes, lips, face, etc) or nail treatment! Julep brings you through a quiz to give you your "nail polish personality" and based of those results will send you nail polishes and products each month that they think you'll like the most. It sounds SO exciting! I only hesitate, because it's a $19.99 a month. Should I?

     I'd get so many awesome colors, and products to try, it would be so fun! But is it worth $20.00 a month? Or am I better off just doing a beauty splurge every once in awhile? Should I go for it, and try it for a couple months and see how I like it? What about work on a few DIY projects first (nail polish rack, makeup collection reorganization, etc)? Help!

In the meantime, go check it out for yourself! (

    Jessica Ashley

Monday, March 17, 2014

Live Love Carnaval OPI nailpolish

     So, I just painted my nails this awesome color last night, and I LOVE it! I actually didn't think until after I'd painted them, about the fact that St. Patrick's Day was today. Ha. Go figure. Even still, this is a lovely color and it's perfect for transitioning into the season of warmer weather. :)
     It's great because it's not too orange, and not too light. It's got just a little bit of pink in it, so it's not quite a warm of a hue, but still a cool color, and still works for me. Pardon the sloppy mess around my nails, I'm not a pro at doing both my hands (as I assume most of you all have the same issue).

Until next time, I've found a new favorite friend to sport on my fingers.

Enjoy the warmer weather!!

   Jessica Ashley

Friday, March 14, 2014

E.L.F. Haul Favorites Review - Fixed Audio

Ok, I think I fixed the sound issue, so you should actually be about to hear something. :)


   Jessica Ashley

Thursday, March 13, 2014

E.L.F Haul Favorites Review + New Revlon Nail Polish!

     Well, I have had some success in the E.L.F. products I have been using over the past week.
     I think of all the things I got, my favorite has got to be the Kabuki Face Brush. SO SOFT!!! It hasn't shed a hair, and it does a wonderful job of buffing the powder foundation into my skin. Next is the Mineral Face Primer. It's clear, gel-like texture, and it doesn't add any oiliness to my face. The Mineral Powder Brush has been very nice for setting the concealer under my eyes, and any other small areas around my face I still have to powder. This brush also hasn't shed any hairs either. :)
    Of all the blushes I got my favorites are E.L.F. Blush in Tickled Pink, and E.L.F.'s Contouring Blush & Bronzer. The Contouring Blush and Bronzer I actually just used today. Very pigmented, but as long as I blend well the bronzer is good on my fair skin. Tickled Pink is a very light blush, but it still gives the face that nice flush of color. All these products can be found at

    If you haven't read already, I went to Ulta yesterday!! I got some really awesome colors of nail polish. My favorite one that I'm sporting on my fingertips now is a mint green by Revlon, Eclectic 580 ( A wonderful Spring color. :)

Check out the video below, if that was too much reading for you.

See you again soon. :)

   Jessica Ashley

Also, heads up. The sound didn't work quite well this time, so it's super quite. You'll have to crank it up a bit. Sorry!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ulta-mate Treat!!

     I kind of hit a down today (yes, I cried). Even though I received a lovely note from a kind girl in one of my classes reminding me that I am a loved daughter of our Heavenly Father, and that I have a sweet spirit, and my light shines. That was very sweet of her, and it really made my day! Unfortunately, not soon after, the distractions of my day seeped back into my head, and I fussed over them to the point where I eventually broke into tears. Though honestly, I couldn't tell if those tears were of relief, frustration, or both. Which makes it even more frustrating all over again! Aaah!!
     Soon after my breakdown, I over heard my roommate asking the other girls if I was home. As she called out to me, I answered behind my closed door, "Yeah?". I suppose she could tell I'd been crying, because she asked me if I was okay. Then she said something that put a sparkle in my heart, "Hey, I'm going to Ulta". What?!! Oh yes! I remembered we'd planned on going to Ulta together! Oh, what a good pick me up! :)

     I cleaned up my face as good as I could, and we were soon out the door. Oh it was so nice walking among the aisles and aisles of makeup. After I'd finally decided on my purchases for the day, reaching into my purse for my phone to find my roommate's whereabouts in the store, I realized in the excitement of the shopping trip I'd forgotten my phone! So, I hoped she'd hadn't been trying to call me for the past ten minutes, that would've been embarrassing...
     Sliding through the checkout, set up a rewards card, and got a free sample of Kenra Volume Hairspray (, and I was ready to go. My purchases included:

Tarte Creaseless Concealer - Light (,

OPI Nail Lacquer Brasil - Live Love Carnaval (,

Revlon Nail Polish - 580 Eclectic (,

My free sample of Kenra Volume Hairspray. :)

See you soon! Thanks for reading. :)

  Jessica Ashley

RPM Makeup Academy

     Ok, so my summer break is nearly here!! What should I do with it? Well, since I'm totally into makeup, why not take a makeup artistry course? Since I don't have the time or money to move to California and go to MUD Academy, I thought about an online makeup course.
     I've read and heard a lot of great things about the RPM Makeup Academy online courses, and might just do their premier artistry course. It's not out-of-this-world expensive, and according to their website, it's only approximately 17 hours! Of course, doing that AND possibly having to juggle two jobs for the summer will be extremely busy, but I think it'd be fun! And of course I would blog about my progress. :) YouTube videos all around!

Online Makeup Courses

Excited to have new adventures with you! :)

  Jessica Ashley

Sunday, March 9, 2014

E.L.F. Haul!!!

    My first ever makeup haul!! Kind of small, but hey, new makeup products equals happy me. :) I'm excited to try them out! I've heard good things about E.L.F. makeup so I hope it goes well. I'll do a few reviews on my favorite products. In the meantime watch my video I uploaded to YouTube. :) Enjoy!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Where Has the Time Gone??? Early Spring Favorites

     Oh my goodness!! Spring is FINALLY coming around the corner! The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and my wardrobe (for my face and my body) is starting to get brighter! Yay for Spring!

     As student that has to start my days in the early morning, doing a natural makeup look is something of a regular routine for me, but NOW I'm starting to put more pretty pastels on my face, and my nails. :) My favorite nail polish is a beautiful lavender purple "Julie" by ZOYA ( It has a small shimmer to it, but the color pigment is still very opaque.

     My next favorite thing to play with besides my eyeshadow is my lipcolor, and since I have very full lips, giving them the lead role of the act is always very fun for me. Playing it up with a bold lip, or simply eccentuating my natural lip color, it's something I always enjoy. :)
     Another one of my favorites is the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balm by Maybelline in "Pink Me Up" ( If you're just looking for something to give your lips a quick plumping up, plus a little touch of color this is the PERFECT lip balm for you. I'm starting to really like lip balms, because they are very sheer, and conditioning for the lips, but they still give me that color satisfaction I really love. :)

     A new product that I've been wearing more often now is a pink matte lipstick in "Showstopper" by em Cosmetics ( This is a great matte pink. It's a little more than a nude pink, but not the bubblegum pinky pink kind of color. It's almost a baby pink mixed with a lavender color. However you'd like to say it, it's the perfect pink. At least for me. :)

    My new go-to foundation is from Maybelline's FIT ME collection in "Porcelain 110" ( It has SPF protection, and has a nice medium coverage and satin finish. With the warm weather approaching, you want your skin to be able to breathe for your natural glow to shine through!

    My final favorite is my concealor from Kat Von D's Lock-It Tatoo Concealor in "Light 16" ( It's wonderful for undereye circles. Since the skin underneath the eyes is very sensitive and delicate, a nice liquid concealor that will easily smooth and blend makes for the perfect gentle product for my eyes. :)

    I'm excited for my E.L.F. order to get here so I can play with it! I will hopefully have a video for you all soon. Happy Spring everybody!! :)

  Jessica Ashley