Monday, June 30, 2014

Stay In Line: The Perfect Cat-Eye Liner

     One of the biggest struggles for a girl is perfecting the art of liquid and gel liner. Why is it so hard? There's just something about having to apply it with a brush that makes our wrist so anixious it just can't hold enough control to draw a nice, crisp line.       Then what happens when we mess up? We try to keep going and to mend the flaw by making the liner just a little bit thicker, and then we mess up AGAIN, and then the line keeps going thicker and thicker until we've given ourselves a raccoon mask for our day look. Congratulations...

     Ugh, but who wants to look like THAT, unless they're going to a costume party? My assumption would be, no one. How do we fix this perplexing dilemma? There must be some method, stencil, SOMETHING to help us in this struggle. Well, I'm here to tell you today that there is. :)

    My favorite way to conquer this feat is simply by using the triangle. Yup, that's right, a triangle. If you really think about it, the basic outline of your cookie-cutter cateye liner is a triangle. Really, all you have to do is this:

1. Take your preferred type of liner (liquid or gel)
2. Load it up on your liner brush (fine tip or angled)
3. Close your eye gently, and starting from the inner corner of your eye, trace a line along your lash-line, angling the brush so the highest point is at the outer eye (and the tip of your cateye).
4. Make a liner from the tip of the liner down to the corner of your eye at the base of your lash-line. Then fill in the outline.

Ta-da! There you have your perfect cateye liner.

Happy Adventures! Have fun!

   Jessica Ashley

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Double, Trouble, Toil and Bubble!: Creating the Witches of Macbeth

     So, today was awesome! I had opportunity to help someone with their film cast. My task? Turn a few girls into some creepy-looking, witch-like characters. I know it's not Halloween yet, but just take a look. Did I do it? I think so. :)

     Of course, I had to practice first. My dear friend, Amber, let me transform her while we all enjoyed some reruns of Boy Meets World before the premiere of Girl Meets World. I just needed to get out my basic idea for the creepy witch, and make sure it would work.

      Do those eyes with that curling smile not freak you out? I shared the photo with a couple people, their first reaction? "Whoa!" So, I think I did a good job. Do you think so?

     When I arrived at the place the filming was rolling they were in the middle of rehearsing/filming a clip of the trailer being made. Once I finally stole a second of the director's attention I showed him the photo, and asked him if that's what he was looking for. What do you think he said? "Ooooh yeah!" That's right. I'm awesome.

     As I started to  work on the girls, I felt like I didn't want to pale out their faces so much, so I used less of the aquacolor and let the texture look a little more splotchy. My goal wasn't to make these girls look skeletol, but pale and evil.
     My favorite part was probably the red under their eyes. I was told to pull my inspiration from Samara Morgan, the girl from The Ring. You know that movie where the girl's mother drops her into a well, covers it so she can't get back out, and it takes her 7 days to die, and the last thing she sees is the ring of light seeping through the cover over the well? Yeah, that was the basic idea behind this.

     One of the girls was really fun to do, because I got to play with her hair. She has REALLY straight, long hair, which didn't look too terrifying. I didn't have a comb, so I took one of my makeup brushes, used the end and made a zig-zag part in her hair. See? Doesn't that make it look a lot more straggly?
     Of course, the calick at the front of the head posed a challenge, but I rose and I conquered!

     The best part of all this? They actually really liked the makeup! I was even a stand-in for a piece of the video taken. Sweet! Double thumbs up!

    I actually had a lot of fun. I really liked being able to play, and make the girls' looks unique!

     Who knows, I might even do a tutorial on this. What do you think? Yes? No? Wait until Halloween? Let me know!

I will talk to you all later. Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

Friday, June 27, 2014

Splash! Blues and Greens, and Mermaids!

     I finally did it! I completed my Mermaid Eyes tutorial, and it is now readily available for you to view on my channel on YouTube.

     This is what happens when you go to the beach, you get inspired by all the beautiful things you see! Including the colors, which I of course have to find a way to transfer onto my face in almost, if not completely, the same way. So, what do I do? I take a color that brings make the memories of the wonderful days at the beach, and I play with it. Just see where it goes from there.
     Well, I started with green, which is in the same boat as blue, and that just left me feeling like a mermaid!

So enjoy! Be brave, be free, and have FUN!

    Jessica Ashley

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beach Beauty Done Right

     Before I forget to bring it to y'all's attention, I'm going to California next week!! Whoo-hoo!!! That's right, me plus beach plus sunshine equals happy me. :)

     As I will be at the beach enjoying the waves, this requires a few adjustments to my regular daily beauty routine. Wearing the same amount of foundation, eyeshadow, and my favorite mascara at the beach is really a recipe for disaster. If I were to do so, by the end of the day this would result in my foundation melted off my face, my eyeshadow horribly creased and wrinkled, and my mascara crying black rivers down my cheeks. Making it look as if I'd just had the worst day of my life. Not a good way to end the day, is it?

     So, that being said, how do I fix this dilemma. Firstly, I'll be needing to decrease the number of products I slap on my face, and/or lighten things up a bit (or a LOT). How do you do that? Well, what does a classy lady need when she is at the beach?:

  1. Sun protection (SPF)
  2. Moisturizing lip balm
  3. Waterproof EVERYTHING
Ok, and maybe a few other essentials like her bathing suit, a cute beach towel, lovely sunhat, sunglasses, etc. You know...
     Alright, so sun protection. When it comes to makeup, what you'll be looking for is anything that says "SPF" on it. You're also trying to keep things light, so switch from a medium to full coverage foundation, to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF. Your goal with be at least SPF 30, but it's possible the best you'll find is SPF 15. As long as you see SPF, you are good to go.

     Next up is a moisturizing lip balm which also comes with SPF. Trust me, you want SPF in this, sunburnt lips are the WORST! Make sure you do it right though, don't make your lips worse, even if it's unintentional. If you need any tips, check out Chapped and Cheated No More. You can especially have fun with this one, look for a fun color pink or peach tinted lip balm. Sport those lips, make them look pretty while at the same time giving them some TLC. :)

     With your last item, waterproof is a MUST. Find a black or brown mascara, and swipe on a couple coats. This way, you'll add life to your lashes, but you won't look like a raccoon after a nice cool dip in the water.
     Don't worry about curling your lashes, or concealer. A day at the beach is about relaxing, and giving yourself a break. You don't need to be trying too hard to impress anybody, let the real you come out! :)
If you're worried about that pop of color to your cheeks, the sun will do that for you. You'll be having so much fun, that flush with be there in no time. :)

See you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mermaid Eyes Surprise!

     As I was getting myself ready for the day, I thought to myself, "Why not do something fun today?". So I pulled out one of my 120 eyeshadow palettes from BH Cosmetics and started with a shimmery green half across my lid.
     Then I thought, "I can't have just ONE color!", so I chiseled on an aqua-blue on the outer corner of my eye. I added a liner to match the aqua-blue, and then before you know it a few swipes here, and a few pops of pink there I had, TA-DA!!
     The perfect combination for what I'm going to dub Mermaid Eyes. Hey, they're ocean-themed colors, and plus what a great way to celebrate my upcoming relaxation vacation in California! I'm so psyched for the beach!

     I really loved all these colors together, especially the bubblegum pink lipstick, and I would TOTALLY wear it to the beach, but alas, it is not waterproof. :(

     It's really easy, I'll totally show you how. Hey, that's my next tutorial. :) So you see, sometimes it really does pay off when you start your day, and you really have no idea what you're going to make of your face!


     It doesn't always have to be stressful, just go at it an play! See what happens!

     I can personally attest that not all combinations are great ones. Sometimes I'd come back home, and wonder why I went out looking like that (sometimes it still happens).
     But you're never going to know what works and what doesn't go together unless you try it. So, be daring and have a little fun. No one is perfect, so don't expect your face to look that way either!! Mine certain doesn't.

    Go out and find that unique thing about you that makes your style special, and be proud of it. Flaunt that personality of yours 'til it shines like a brand-new penny!

     Comment below, and tell me what you'd like to see. I'm always happy to give a helping hand. That's what I'm here for!

     Until next time, have fun discovering what you can do. You never know what you might find!

Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smack It On, Pop It On. Summer Lips Here I Come!

     How many lip colors in a collection does it take until you have too many? I mean really. Ten? Twelve? Twenty? Or is lip color the exception to obsession? That is my hope, because I LOVE lipstick. Pink, red, coral, purple; you name it, I've probably got it. I might be sick, and I'm afraid this lipstickness might be contagious. So, that being said, beauty lovers beware.

Think it's a problem yet (this isn't all of them)?

     Of course, my favorite is a classic. I consider myself a classy kind of woman, so why not fall in love with a timeless red?

     Now that we are approaching, or rather, actually in the steaming hot season of summer, it's time to brighten up that color scheme. Honestly, if I, for example, see you wearing a dark plum lipstick in the middle of a warm, sunny day I might be tempted to think any of the following: a) you are strangely depressed on this lovely day, b) you don't know how to plan lipcolor accordingly to time of day, or c) you don't know how to have fun!!

     Seriously, it's not just that amount and intensity of light outside that changes with the warmer season. As the season warms up, so do we. Why not swap that dark plum for a soft bubblegum pink, or a peachy coral? In fact, why not just make your lipstick your statement piece of the day? Let those lips speak for themselves! If you must wear a dark shade of lipstick, save it for that hot date night. That way your attire matches the intensity of light outside, which is basically none at that point of the night.

     Still, as a general rule of thumb for lip color in the summer time, keep it light and bright. The brighter the colors are that you place of your face, in this case the location of concern being your lips, the healthier and happier you will look!

    Maybe you aren't one for lipsticks, maybe you prefer sheer colors on your precious puckers, and just like something that either smells or tastes yummy. Then lipgloss is your go to. Of course, you can find colors just as lovely in this category. Ultimately, when in doubt, go for a nice nude whether you are a lipstick lover or a lipgloss guru. Whatever your preference, smack it on, smile, and let your lips do the talking.

Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Just Keeps Growing and Gro...Oh Wait, It's Not For Me?: Beginning a Client's Makeup Kit

     So, the time has finally come when I have begun to build a makeup kit for client's. Isn't that great? Yes, yes, I do love makeup, but now I am giving back and sharing my talents. See? I can be selfless (yay me!).
     The reason I had to begin a kit is, because up until this point all my projects have been for female models, which I have more likely than not done on myself, but now I must conquer the feat of men's photography makeup. Honestly, it's not really that hard, very simple. More simple than women's photography makeup, really. So, I built a little kit.

     And the best place to start a kit? Ulta, of course! I walked into Ulta, and it was great, because this time I got to grab one of their shopping bags! Yes! I was truly on a haul today. :) Now this being my first kit, and not many client's yet, I was looking for quality and affordable. I tapped one of the beauty advisers on the shoulder and asked her what she recommended. When her first response was "NYX" I was surprised, and not so much so at the same time. I've heard great things about NYX, and have tried some of their products myself, and loved them. I just didn't think that would be the first thing one would say when you tell them you're building a client kit. Hey, if it's good quality, I'm all for it. I've seen some of my favorite beauty gurus use NYX too, and yes, I recommend it myself. :)
     Since the friend of mine who agreed to help me is dark-skinned, I focused my attention in that area when it came to foundation and concealer; and since he is my very first "client", if you will, I wasn't about to splurge and get everything my kit could possible ever need or want all at one time. Better to built from where you are, and add on as you go. When it comes to clients, don't buy more than you need, or actually have use for. For example, if most of your clients are fair-skinned, chances are you're not going to have need for many dark shades of foundation in your kit, if any at all.

     I promise I stuck to my list, and actually many of my products were NYX, and of course, I couldn't forget beauty applicator essentials like makeup wedges, powder puffs, and disposal mascara wands. Even in all that care, my total still came out to over $100. I know, I know, but I promise I won't be going back for awhile. That was my splurge for the month.
     Hey, look at it this way. If I hadn't stuck to my list, and tried to put my entire kit together my total could have come to well over $300! Or something around there, maybe a little less than, but who knows. But that is exactly why I stuck to my list. See? I'm smart. :)

Check out the video below to see what I got!
Talk to you soon!
   Jessica Ashley