Friday, November 7, 2014

Changing the Picture: A Miniature Disaster on Halloween

     You know those years when you actually decide to dress up for Halloween? You know those times when you don't pinpoint exactly what you want to be until 10 days before the actual day? And then those times when you decided to purchase everything from your costume online to make you get it on time? And then of course, that phone call you make, the day before, to the vendor that, ever so gently, tells you the heart-crushing news that your items will not be arriving on time for the festive Halloween after all? Yeah, that was my turn this year.
     It was going to be great! I had the best gypsy costume planned out! Equipt with petticoat, corset and EVERYTHING!! Alas, this was not to be. So, I quickly changed my visualization towards the more-or-less "not-so-fancy", if you will, gypsy woman, and raced to D.I. (Aka, the Utah version of a thrift store or your local Savers).

     As I browsed around looking for something, ANYTHING that would tickle my fancy, everything that would fit the picture seemed to fit everything except one It's wonderful when you find a jewel-toned skirt, but it's so much more disappointing when you look at the tag and discover that it's about three times as big as you are. Not going to work.
     I knew I had to find something. Browsing around in the larges I found a skirt that looked like it would work. The style was nice, it was the length I was looking for, funny thing is is it wasn't large at all. I glance at the tag and find that it is a child's large. Well yes, it so happens to be that being a small, short-figured woman, I am also so small that I can perfectly fit into a child's large. As you may have guessed by now, yes I bought the skirt. I also found a gold-link chain belt to accessorize my costume.

     I had to make sure everything would work, so I tried it on immediately. I pulled my black shawl from the closet, some sandels off the floor, and my peasant blouse from the drawer. After slipping on the gold jewelry from some ever so kind donors Ta-da! I had my costume!

     It wasn't what I was originally hoping for, but it was still fun to do. Kind of proud of myself from being able to pull something together like that last-minute. :)

     Of course, the funnest thing for me to do was, you guessed it, the makeup. I really liked how my hair turned out too. Actually, I forgot to take pictures of myself Halloween night (I know, who forgets to do that, right??) so I dressed up again the next day to have my pictures to put out on facebook.
     I discovered something new. I LOVE false lashes! I really would wear them everyday, just to make my lashes look fuller, but they are still more of a special occassion accessory.
    My favorite thing about my jewelry was actually the hair comb. Isn't it awesome?! I just swoop it back into my hair and *snap*, and it stays!! All night!! It was great!

     I loved the red lipstick, that's a no brainer, and my lovely roommate was so kind as to do my nails for me. I'm still not a professional at do my own nails. Sad, huh?

     No necklace tonight. Didn't have anything gold, and I thought I had enough bling already. Gold bracelets, a gold and diamond hair comb, and a ring are more than enough, right?

     So yesterday, my items finally arrived. It's okay though, the customer service rep gave me a refund, so I basically just got all my items for free. Yay! I decided that since I didn't just want these things sitting in my closet with no use, I should try it on at least once. I'm not gonna lie, it was actually kind of fun stringing myself up in the corset, and pretty much the whole thing looked awesome.

     No, I didn't do my hair all over again, but you get the jist of it, right? Well, what about next year. I thought Cruella DeVille. No? Do I hear a yes?

See you all soon.

   Jessica Ashley

Friday, September 19, 2014

Short AND Petite: The Downfalls of the Short-figured Woman

     For those of you girlies out there that are not just short, but also petite, you know what I mean by downfalls of the short-figured... You'll be familiar with the woes of shopping, online and in-store, when you find the cutest item that you MUST have.
     You receive it in the mail, or you race back at full-speed to the ever so crowded fitting rooms, and to your devastating horror, you discover the sleeves or the pant legs are juuust that much too long!! Or maybe you tried on a dress, and because your hips appear sooner in your stature than the dress was made for, the torso of the dress falls sloppy, and slouches ugly, and improperly around you middle figure, and just doesn't hug you right AT ALL!!! Oh the despair!!! The sorrow!!
     So maybe you keep the item, or you buy it anyway, and swear you will take it to your wise mother, graciously gifted with the wisdom and tongue of the sewing machine, and plead that she tailor it to your portions that you may wear this precious gem that you have purchased, because you just can't live without it. But, was that really a wise decision? Isn't that just putting yourself through more aggravating, sweaty trouble than is really necessary?
     This may seem like a downer to some of you, but my advice? Simply shop in the petite section! Trust me, the only shrink found anywhere is length-wise. All the sizes are the same, they just hug us short girls better!! Your clothes may even start to feel like a wonderous mink fur, beware.
     I've found some super cute stuff, that I could wear, and the best part? I have no reason anywhere to have anything tailored! My woe-some trials are over! Your confidence may now rise knowing there is a comfortable way of life for you.
     Petite is easier found in online shopping than anywhere in-store. Stores sell petite items, but for some mysterious reason, unknown to the female mind (at least as far as I'm aware), not all shops like to tell us where those glorious drapes of golden fleece are. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about "petite" footwear. Ha, wonder what that would look like.

     Wait! No! I take it back! No, no, I never want to be able to fathom the infuriating mess my shoe spree would have morphed into!

     Happy shopping!

   Jessica Ashley

Friday, September 12, 2014

Filling That Space In the Trophy Case: Finishing My Online Makeup Course

     You won't believe it! Or maybe you will, because if you know anything about me, you'll know that I finish everything I start, even if it comes down to "eventually...". But enough of that, guess what?!! I'm finally finished with my makeup course!! Yup, completed, made whole, finished, victouriously terminated, I've got more...So you know what that means? I'm officially certified!! Got to print it off, and order an official copy and everything. :)

     Guess what else this means? I get discounts on tons of totally cool, and awesome makeup products!! Booya! Could this get any better? Well, of course I can always improve, and whole bunch of other things: I could start up my website, create and print some really awesome business cards, get a couple more clients, you know...
     This is so exciting! I get to start doing such awesome, cool stuff now! Heck, I'm going to get that certificate framed and hang it up on my wall for everyone to see! Yay me!! Now for me to pick out my next project. many choices! Sweet, extravagant fantasy makeup? Smokin' hot club makeup? Decisions, decisions...I'll figure it out. You'll see it up here soon!

    Jessica Ashley

Friday, August 22, 2014

How Did Mars Get On My Face?!: Concealing and Hiding Unwanted Blemishes

     We all have those days where we wake up, look in the mirror, and then see a not-so-friendly spot on our face, that we know by the end of the day is going to be about three times bigger (or so we're going to feel), and will be about as red as Mars. Great. So now comes in our need to unleash our much needed superpowers and skills for concealing, and giving that blasted blemish a cage of invisibility.

     But how do you do that? Well first off, I'll tell you it is NOT by using the same shade of concealer that you place under your eyes. Noooo... the only thing that will do, is make it appear more noticable and obvious. Why, you may ask? Well, the reason you pat your undereye area with concealer is to cover up the blue and/or purplish hues that show beneath the thin, delicate layer of skin that makes you appear so darn tired (even if you really are).
     This being the case, your concealer is going to have orange or yellow hues mixed in, to cancel out the blue or purple. Orange is the opposite of blue, and yellow is the opposite of purple. Opposite colors will cancel each other out, and TADA!! Flawless. Naturally you will have gathered from this information and now figured out that yellow brightens things up. Trust me, the last thing you want to do to your blemish is to brighten it up and bring to it even more attention. No, not the idea here. So, as you see, using the same concealer for undereye brightening, for blemishes, is a BAD idea.

     What you want is to find a concealer that matches as close to the same hue of your foundation as possible. This way, when you apply it to that festering monster it actually is hidden, and you're not just globbing a bunch of makeup product on top of it. It has a purpose, and it shows (or rather hides, yay!).
     Yes, even in this case less is more. So please, don't cake on the concealer, it's not necessary. Take a fluffy, CLEAN eyeshadow brush or your ring finger (the finger with the lightest touch) and dab on a little bit of concealer, and remember to BLEND!! Then gently pat on a little translucent face powder, and you are done!!
     Now, remember, you cannot flatten out the texture of your blemish, but you can do something about the color. Even another reason why caking on your makeup won't do you any good. Once you have mastered this art, smoothing out your canvas to one color will be a sintch!

Happy Adventures!

Jessica Ashley

Friday, August 15, 2014

That Red Thing In My Closet: Brand-New Red Dress Addition

     As I have been ranting about my horrible, tarnished wardrobe, and it's desperate need for repair, I have some news...I bought a new dress!! Specifically, to be exact, a red dress. Yes, that's right, you heard me, a RED dress.
Great, ain't it?
     I'm quite pleased with myself, as I have been wanting such an article in my closet for some time now, and I hope I find the perfect opportunity to wear it.
     You don't just wear a red dress to any random occasion. No! Red says, "Look at me! I'm wonderful!" So, you want it to be just right. For example, one of the LAST places you want to be wearing a red dress is a funeral. Bad idea. In such place you are there to remember someone else, the time is not about you, nor the place to be flaunting your lovely beauty. Much too loud. People wear black to funerals for a reason...

     Now one of the BEST places to wear you red drapes is a happy, excited, social gathering. Like party! Not going out to the movies, where everyone's sitting in the dark, and can't see you. What was the point in wearing the dress, then? A party has lots of people, and the red dress will help you stand out. It says, "Come talk to me! I'm interesting!" Of course, don't forget your accessories. Put that smile on, it'll make all the difference, I promise. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

There's a Moth-hole In My Jacket!: Updating an Out-of-Date Wardrobe

     Ever come to that point in your year, month, week, whatever where you finally take  a moment to reminisce on all the new clothing shopping you've done over the past season or two, and it turns out to be basically none at all? That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now.

     Really. Even today, I somehow managed to go the ENTIRE day wearing a shirt I thought was fine, and just barely realized a couple hours ago that there is a button missing on the sleeve! Oh, and did I forget to mention that the shirt was already a hand-me-down already before that? Not that I'm big on thrift store shopping or anything, I'm not. In fact, a thrift store is about one of the last places I want to go to pick out my new statement piece for the season. Isn't that sad that I seem to spend so much time on my face, that I don't even pay attention to how quickly my wardrobe is desintegrating? I mean, I've still got pieces in my closet from high school!! What??

     So, how does one fix this ever-growing problem, this horrible fashion rut and grave I'm digging for myself? It gets even worse, you should see my shoes!! Even at 22-years-old I'm STILL tripping over my own feet, and scuffing the dickens out of my beloved footwear! But by the way my shoes get treated you wouldn't think they believe that adjective, would you? On top of all this, how does one create a decent clothing fund while living off of a student budget? Ha! That's a good one, think it's possible? There's gotta be something you can do when even your own college student cousin has better-looking, and bigger brand clothing than you!
     What to do, what to do. Start a fund? How? Or do I promise myself to spend at least twenty dollars every paycheck on either a brand-new shirt, pair of shoes, or bottoms? That wouldn't be such a bad idea, would it? Put $20 in a jar every time I get paid, and at the end of the month go out, and spend it at my favorite store; or set my sights on a favorite splurge item, save up, and go spend it once I hit the big number.

     What are your favorite ways to ensure that you keep an up-to-date wardrobe? Trust me, I'm all ears for this one. I need all the help I can get!

Talk to you soon!

    Jessica Ashley

Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking a Break From the Face: A Day Without Makeup

     Today, I don't have work, and I thought, "Hey, why not give my face a breather, and just not do my face today?"? You know? Since I'll most likely be lying around in sweats all day anyway, why not just take a break from dressing my face up as well?

     So, as I sit here in my newly washed hair, sweats, and sporting the most comfortable yet contradictory T-shirt EVER (Yes, meaning that it is a UTE T-shirt), my face remains untouched by any glamourous touch-ups.
     Why am I giving myself this day, you may ask? Well, to give my face a breather, as I said earlier, from anything that might clog my pores and cause even more imperfections. Also to maybe, perhaps just spend time with me, and learn to love myself in my true reflection. Hey, it's a healthy exercise. If you can't learn to love yourself in your true colors, you'll never learn to like yourself in a mask of makeup. Am I right?         Just like you might wake up one morning and see a brand-new pimple on your face that you're sure is so prominent the whole world can see it; and even after you dab loads of concealer and product on top of it, and now TRULY no one can see it, you go the entire day flinching at the girl in the mirror, because the first thing your eyes drift to is that dreaded pimple. Right? Learn to love that beautiful, natural canvas of yours, and you'll learn to love yourself no matter how much makeup you do or don't have on.

Have a wonderful and adventurous Friday!

Jessica Ashley

Monday, July 28, 2014

BB Creams, Satin Finish, Matte, Who Cares?: Deciphering Between Foundation Finishes

     It's summer time, and everyone is telling you the best way to go is a lighter coverage foundation, such a BB Cream, to avoid having you face melted off by the end of the day. Because that doesn't look good on anyone. Heck, what's a BB Cream? Whose to say it's any different from a liquid foundation? Matte foundation? What are you talking about? I am here to put those questions to rest.

     To start, a BB Creams, is the second lightest coverage you can go for next to a tinted moisturizer, which honestly doesn't do much difference. BB Creams will even out you skin tone while letting your natural color shine through, without it looking like you've caked on five pounds of makeup. If you're not looking to cover up a huge breakout of acne, this is the one for you. They also usually come equipped with their own defense against UV/UB rays (SPF). It is also the best when Earth has turned up it's thermostat, and outside feels like the inside of an oven.

     After BB Creams it's on to liquid foundations. Liquid foundations come in many different finishes and offer several levels of coverage from medium to full coverage. The finish of a liquid foundation refers to the amount of, hmmm how should I say this, glow the foundation has.
     Satin finish offers the best "glow" of all foundations. It gives your skin the appearance of a healthy, natural glow and shine.
     This is the best one go for if you are looking for a medium coverage, and have dry to combination skin texture. You do NOT want this if you have oily skin as it will only add to the excess shine that will accumulate on your face throughout the day.
      Matte finish, is just the opposite, the lack of a glow. Matte finishes, even out your skin's texture, gives you a nice level of coverage, but has to shine. All you will see with this foundation is a nice even canvas.
     This is the best one for you if you are one with combination to oily skin texture. This way you have some control over the shine that natural oils your face produces, and there is not too much shine on your face when you are prepping for your close-up.
     Still it is always, always, always a good idea to carry a little package of blotting papers in your purse to clear up that T-zone throughout the day to clean up, and to help prevent future breakouts.

     With all these different kinds of foundations on the market it is easy to get lost and confused amongst all of them when shopping for the best match. Don't be afraid! Practice, practice, practice always makes better, and you will soon find you are the master of your canvas.

     By the way, almost, almost, almost nearly finished with my makeup course! Oh so close to printing off my certificate!!

   Jessica Ashley


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trifles of a Makeup Artist: Dealing With Disappointment

     When you're a makeup artist, you have this captivating vision set out in front of you. A vision that is full of success, and even possibly fame. One where everyone that meets you knows and loves your work, and wants you to come be the expert on their set, because they know you will be spectacular.

     Sometimes, your assistance is requested, and you become excited and hyped, ready to conquer the world. Your imagination flutters with creations and designs of how to beautify the models and subjects placed before you, and you can't wait to prepare and get started! You have all these extraordinary and unique ideas, and then without warning...the plug is pulled, and your once ginormous pool of creativity, swarming with magic, is now a swirling tub of water funneling down the drain. Ouch.
     It hurts, it does. But you can't let that get you down, you have to keep making goals, and working towards them, and above all, keep doing what you love; because one day, you will be noticed. Never stop practicing, practice makes better. The more you practice, the better you become. Thus the more magnificient your beauty profile, and your talent!

     What might one need to stay motivated? A new product to try? A new challenge? A checklist of things to do? Or how about all of the above? Oh! Almost forgot, chocolate. Chocolate never fails to better my day, even if it's only minimally, it always helps to have that goodness to savor and melt in my mouth. :)
     Ok, so a new product. What does one need for such an item? Money. Yes, that's right. Especially when you're stuck on a student budget, making a fund for "pick-me-up" splurges like this helps. For all you artists out there who love the feeling of holding new makeup for the first time, and taking it out of the crisp packaging, know how hard it is to SAVE that money. Now you need a way to make it FUN!!

     I find that one way to make it fun, and to help keep myself motivated to do so is to keep it where I can see it, but always in a place where it's not easy for me to reach it. This is where a simple DIY project with a traditonal mason jar comes in handy.
     But just placing a plain mason jar on your top shelf isn't very motivating, is it? No. You have to make the marker of your makeup fund look appealing, so to keep the goal of having a fund appealing. Slap a picture of your next big splurge item on the front of it, tie some ribbons around it, use a stencil and some paint, just make the jar itself look fun. :)

     Now, whenever you have any extra pocket change, or after each paycheck, put some money in there.
Maybe $10-$20 every payday. It'll add up quick, I promise. :) Never lose sight of your goals. Without goals you lose your ambition, and ambition is a big part of reaching for the stars!

Talk to you all soon!

     Jessica Ashley

Monday, July 14, 2014

Makeup Artistry 101: Makeup Kit & Client Hygiene is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

     As a makeup artist, I have the skills and abilities to make you look how you wish, and how you don't wish. Whether that is glamorous and ready for the spotlight, or gruesome and ready to scare someone it is all up to you and what we discuss and plan out together. If you are also a makeup artist, you probably already know this, so that is nothing new, but there is one very essential thing you must NEVER forget when working with clients, and that is one very vital thing...HYGIENE IS CRUCIAL FOR THE HEALTH OF YOUR CLIENT!!!

     I am taking the time to give you this lesson so to protect you and your future clients (paid & not paid). So please, heed this wisdom, it will be very useful to you.

     Never is it okay or in any way a valid excuse to use your own personal makeup products and brushes on a client, whether that person is paying you or not it doesn't matter, NEVER use your own makeup and/or makeup brushes. There is a very specific reason that girls do not share makeup with each other, this includes everything from makeup brushes to mascara, and why makeup artists have a separate kit for their clients apart from their own personal makeup kit, and that reason is BACTERIA.
     Yes, that's right. As gross and horrifying as it may sound, there are thousands upon thousands of little, tiny, microscopic bacteria all over your makeup products. Do you know how many mites (microscopic little "bugs") live on your eyelashes? Or how many bacteria are in your eye alone? You reapply it day after day, and why doesn't it harm you, you may ask? Because it's all bacteria from YOU! But take those same bacteria-infested products and put them on someone else and that can be very harmful; anything from rash to infection can spread out on your client's face all from just one application of your own personal makeup.

    This is one very important reason why we makeup artists disinfect and sanitize all the products in our clients' makeup kit after EVERY SINGLE use. It doesn't take long, and it is not an expensive process, but this is an extremely crucial step to keep both you and your clients safe. Now this isn't to say that you need to personalize a makeup kit for every single client, that's going overboard; that's why we sanitize everything after every session, to make it clean and safe for the next client we use it on. Also especially be careful and cautious when using mascara. NEVER double dip the same mascara wand into a tube of mascara. If you do, plan on giving it to your client at the end of the session, or throwing it out. This is why we use disposable mascara wands, and get a new one for every time we need a new pump of mascara.
     Never use you hands and fingers directly on the client's face. That is what makeup sponges, brushes, powder puffs, mascara wands, and cotton swabs are for. Just because you wash your hands before beginning a session does not mean there is no bacteria on your hands. There is still bacteria that creeps back onto your hands, and there are still the natural oils on your hands and fingers that will dirty your client's face, and effect the application of makeup if you touch their face with your bare hands.

     So, please, please, please, PLEASE practice good hygiene and sanitation habits for the betterment of your career as a makeup artist. You will thank me.

I will talk to you all again soon!

    Jessica Ashley

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday Bash Bragging Rights

     As an newly official member of the club of 22-year-old blonde ladies, I claim to the bragging rights of my birthday, it's festivities, gifts I received, and all events that took place there in.
     That being said and done, I had an awesome birthday!! I got the day off of work, I slept in, and my mom brought me baked oatmeal with home-grown raspberries in it for breakfast! How awesome is that?? Yummy. :) For most of the day, I just lounged around, chilled in bed, watched some cool videos, worked on my channel a little bit, but unfortunately, the event of my birthday does not cancel summer, I studied a bit, grabbed my books, and went to class.

     Class wasn't actually too bad, we watched movie trailers for a good part of it, haha. We watched an I Love Lucy clip, and then finished of class with a documentary of Johnny Carson, we even got out early! I loved my Communications class, my teacher is awesome. :)
     Though it had cooled down a little outside, it looked like rain, that's because it! Not on my birthday! I had to walk home! I didn't want to go out to dinner looking like a dripping rag! In somewhat of a panic, I called someone dear to my heart, that was coming to dinner with me, and they speedily came to my rescue. Thank heavens, because just as soon as I had shut the car door it truly started raining. From there, it was onward to Spicy Thai!

     It is not weird being the first ones at your own dinner? I mean, when you're not the one hosting? "Yay, thanks for taking me out to dinner! one is here yet...", is that weird? So, not being the name on the dinner reservation, we waited in the car for the others to show up. Even after they did show up, I was surprised how long it took us to actually walk INTO the restaurant. Was I the only one that was hungry? But it was cool, because my mom pointed out and found a duck's nest under a little bush near the restaurant. It was actually really neat. Snapped a few pictures, and we finally went inside.
    Once we got into our seats and opened our menus, my eyes immediately darted for the curries. I LOVE Thai curry, especially green curry. So, naturally, that's what I ordered. Think I need to branch out a little?...Nah. I forget how much I really love Thai food. It's so good, and I love the spice, but my mouth can't take too much at once, but I kept eating too fast! My mouth was on fire! I glanced over at my significant other's plate, and I was even eating faster than them!! No way! As much as I love Thai food, I couldn't finish all of my curry, so I got a take-home bowl.

     At this point, I had to say goodbye to my dear sweetheart, being loaded with the burdens of a tough math course, they had a lot to get working on the was due the next day! Still, I thank him for the lovely flowers he sent me, and the lovely handwritten card. Mostly, thank for coming to dinner. :)

     Next of the agenda, I went back to my family's home, it's nice only living about 10 minutes away, and it was time for presents! The awesome part about it? Both me, and my sister got mostly makeup for our birthday. Haha. I got my little sample gift from Sephora, Urban Decay primer potion, zebra-print note cards, birthday money from the grandparents (at this point, they don't know what to get their 22-year-old grandkids, haha) and an amazing eyeshadow palette from Sephora! Complete with eyeshadow base, eyeliners, a brown eyeliner pencil, and a double-ended brush for eyeshadow and eyeliner. I'm having so much fun with it! :)
     After I got home, I changed into my pajamas, and had nearly gone the entire day with no one singing Happy Birthday to me, then a friend in my ward stopped by. Chatted about this and that, invited me to come along for slurpees, and then..."Happy Birthday to you..." ugh... Why is it so embarrassing to be stuck in the spotlight being serenaded with that song?? Oh well...all in all it was a great day.

As another piece to my rights of bragging, I feel like showing you my spoils, and what I purchased with my spoils (yes, I already found good use for the birthday money). Check out the video below. Enjoy!

New tutorial coming soon, thank you for joining me here in the limelight. :)

   Jessica Ashley


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!: Festive Birthday Makeup

     Today is my birthday! Yay! It's not a very important number, actually no number is really, I still only stand 5' 1'', and always will. So throw some confete, and let me blow out the candles on some pretty-looking birthday cake, and call it a day. Yeah? Even still in the mist of all those short festivities (Ha, see what I did there?) shouldn't I at least take the time to get myself ready to party? Of course I should!

     Well, I definitely want to play it up, but still want to look like myself. You know, keep it realistic. No green eyebrows or anything.
     There is actually a makeup artist from MAC (unfortunately, I can't recall her name) that literally loves to look as fake as possible. Pink brows, green eyeshadow, and purple or pink lips. Now don't get me wrong, purple or pink on the lips, and green on the eyelids is lovely, but pink eyebrows? Unless you go to costume party every night or work in the circus for a living, keep your brow hairs to their natural color, please.
     So, what should I do? I natural smokey-eye with some bronze hues? Or maybe I should just go straight for a classic black, gray, and silver smokey-eye with a timeless red lip. I'm known for my glamourous and feminine looks, especially when it comes to makeup. Count on me to be the one making a statement with my makeup when I walk into a room. Oh yes.
     Or what about keeping it simple and just wearing a monotone look? Possibly, a nice pink the eyes, cheeks, and lips, and pair it with a sheer bb cream. That will certainly let my natural self through. Hardly any filters there.

     What am I saying?? It's my birthday! I must have fun!! That includes my face! Right?! That's right, I'm going for a nice classic natural smokey-eye with a red lip. Can't go wrong with that.

I'll keep you updated with the days festivities, follow me on Twitter! @makeupfanaticme

See you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

Monday, July 7, 2014

Men's Commercial Makeup: It's Finally Done!

     Wow, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a guy that is willing for you to patch his face up, and make minor corrections so that the close-up looks as best it can! Honestly, even after you promise them that they will not look like a drag queen, and that they can wipe it off immediately after you're done with the assignment, they're STILL reluctant.

     With that said, after all this time, I finally completed that assignment, and just like I told my model after, he did NOT look like a drag queen! This was the quickest assignment ever, only took about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, do to touchy issues with "man card" reason, I had to promise I would not publicly post pictures of the before and after project. Only my instructor is able to view those handsome pictures. I'm very sorry for the stubbornness of men, but what can you do?
     I can tell you that it went well, and that it was some of the best makeup I've ever done. :) Yes, definitely building my confidence. So, thank you to my male model who shall remain annonymous. You're assistance, was much appreciated, and needed.

I will talked to you all soon. New tutorial coming up!

   Jessica Ashley

Friday, July 4, 2014

Stars and Stripes and Cateyes!

     It's that time of year again. Yes, the wonderful anniversary of our beloved country of the United States of America. Time to fly our colors high, for anthems, music, and to dawn the colors of our nation all over. That includes ourselves!

     I thought I might try something I've never done before. I usually only sport blue on my face, being my favorite color, but this year why not all three? On top of that, why not pair it with a glamourous cateye? Yes, yes, sounds like a party to me. :) What makes a celebratory party look even better? Glitter! Whenever you feel that your look, whether clothes or cosmetics, needs a little more spice, add some glitter! When in doubt, add glitter, that's what I say. It's the perfect kind of sparkle to show others your ready to have some fun!

     So get out there, be brave, and show some patriotic spirit! I know you have it in you. You won't gain that confidence until you've done the scary part first. Try something new! Who knows? You might actually love it! :)

Happy Independence Day! Talk to you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Going All Natural

     I know I'm not the only girl that struggles with this. We're all unhappy with our hair texture. If you have straight hair, you wish you had curly hair, because you swear your hair never has any body to it, and it won't hold any body you give it. If you have curly or wavy hair, you wish you had straight hair, because your hair never does what you want it to, and it never stays straight and ALWAYS gets frizzy. Am I right?

    You know what I say? Embrace your natural hair texture! Have fun with it! Let it do it's own thing, and learn to see it in a light that makes you unique and beautiful! Try it for a week, and see how you like it. I'm sure you'll be surprised how much you love it, plus how much time you save. That's always a bonus. :)
    Of course, never forget heat protectant. Even if you're not using any heated styling products, you'll be exposed to the sun, and you want protection from that. Even for your hair. Sure, there may be a few things that you want to mend here and there. Maybe add some serum to help add shine, and help with frizz, but seriously. Once you hop out of the shower, slap on that heat protectant and that serum, and from there just let your hair do it's own thing!

    I've been trying it out for myself, and I love it! Sure maybe one side of my head has more wave to it than the other, but the natural waves that come out of scrunching my hair a little and letting it air-dry are brilliant! Even better than the curls I get from a flat-iron curl or barrel curling iron! Much less frizz from the natural curls, than when I use heat on my hair. It's great!

Honestly, one of the best hairdos I've ever had. :)
Pictures coming soon.

Talk to you soon!

   Jessica Ashley

(P.S. I'm going to play it up for Fourth of July, so get ready for a fun tutorial!)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Stay In Line: The Perfect Cat-Eye Liner

     One of the biggest struggles for a girl is perfecting the art of liquid and gel liner. Why is it so hard? There's just something about having to apply it with a brush that makes our wrist so anixious it just can't hold enough control to draw a nice, crisp line.       Then what happens when we mess up? We try to keep going and to mend the flaw by making the liner just a little bit thicker, and then we mess up AGAIN, and then the line keeps going thicker and thicker until we've given ourselves a raccoon mask for our day look. Congratulations...

     Ugh, but who wants to look like THAT, unless they're going to a costume party? My assumption would be, no one. How do we fix this perplexing dilemma? There must be some method, stencil, SOMETHING to help us in this struggle. Well, I'm here to tell you today that there is. :)

    My favorite way to conquer this feat is simply by using the triangle. Yup, that's right, a triangle. If you really think about it, the basic outline of your cookie-cutter cateye liner is a triangle. Really, all you have to do is this:

1. Take your preferred type of liner (liquid or gel)
2. Load it up on your liner brush (fine tip or angled)
3. Close your eye gently, and starting from the inner corner of your eye, trace a line along your lash-line, angling the brush so the highest point is at the outer eye (and the tip of your cateye).
4. Make a liner from the tip of the liner down to the corner of your eye at the base of your lash-line. Then fill in the outline.

Ta-da! There you have your perfect cateye liner.

Happy Adventures! Have fun!

   Jessica Ashley

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Double, Trouble, Toil and Bubble!: Creating the Witches of Macbeth

     So, today was awesome! I had opportunity to help someone with their film cast. My task? Turn a few girls into some creepy-looking, witch-like characters. I know it's not Halloween yet, but just take a look. Did I do it? I think so. :)

     Of course, I had to practice first. My dear friend, Amber, let me transform her while we all enjoyed some reruns of Boy Meets World before the premiere of Girl Meets World. I just needed to get out my basic idea for the creepy witch, and make sure it would work.

      Do those eyes with that curling smile not freak you out? I shared the photo with a couple people, their first reaction? "Whoa!" So, I think I did a good job. Do you think so?

     When I arrived at the place the filming was rolling they were in the middle of rehearsing/filming a clip of the trailer being made. Once I finally stole a second of the director's attention I showed him the photo, and asked him if that's what he was looking for. What do you think he said? "Ooooh yeah!" That's right. I'm awesome.

     As I started to  work on the girls, I felt like I didn't want to pale out their faces so much, so I used less of the aquacolor and let the texture look a little more splotchy. My goal wasn't to make these girls look skeletol, but pale and evil.
     My favorite part was probably the red under their eyes. I was told to pull my inspiration from Samara Morgan, the girl from The Ring. You know that movie where the girl's mother drops her into a well, covers it so she can't get back out, and it takes her 7 days to die, and the last thing she sees is the ring of light seeping through the cover over the well? Yeah, that was the basic idea behind this.

     One of the girls was really fun to do, because I got to play with her hair. She has REALLY straight, long hair, which didn't look too terrifying. I didn't have a comb, so I took one of my makeup brushes, used the end and made a zig-zag part in her hair. See? Doesn't that make it look a lot more straggly?
     Of course, the calick at the front of the head posed a challenge, but I rose and I conquered!

     The best part of all this? They actually really liked the makeup! I was even a stand-in for a piece of the video taken. Sweet! Double thumbs up!

    I actually had a lot of fun. I really liked being able to play, and make the girls' looks unique!

     Who knows, I might even do a tutorial on this. What do you think? Yes? No? Wait until Halloween? Let me know!

I will talk to you all later. Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

Friday, June 27, 2014

Splash! Blues and Greens, and Mermaids!

     I finally did it! I completed my Mermaid Eyes tutorial, and it is now readily available for you to view on my channel on YouTube.

     This is what happens when you go to the beach, you get inspired by all the beautiful things you see! Including the colors, which I of course have to find a way to transfer onto my face in almost, if not completely, the same way. So, what do I do? I take a color that brings make the memories of the wonderful days at the beach, and I play with it. Just see where it goes from there.
     Well, I started with green, which is in the same boat as blue, and that just left me feeling like a mermaid!

So enjoy! Be brave, be free, and have FUN!

    Jessica Ashley

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beach Beauty Done Right

     Before I forget to bring it to y'all's attention, I'm going to California next week!! Whoo-hoo!!! That's right, me plus beach plus sunshine equals happy me. :)

     As I will be at the beach enjoying the waves, this requires a few adjustments to my regular daily beauty routine. Wearing the same amount of foundation, eyeshadow, and my favorite mascara at the beach is really a recipe for disaster. If I were to do so, by the end of the day this would result in my foundation melted off my face, my eyeshadow horribly creased and wrinkled, and my mascara crying black rivers down my cheeks. Making it look as if I'd just had the worst day of my life. Not a good way to end the day, is it?

     So, that being said, how do I fix this dilemma. Firstly, I'll be needing to decrease the number of products I slap on my face, and/or lighten things up a bit (or a LOT). How do you do that? Well, what does a classy lady need when she is at the beach?:

  1. Sun protection (SPF)
  2. Moisturizing lip balm
  3. Waterproof EVERYTHING
Ok, and maybe a few other essentials like her bathing suit, a cute beach towel, lovely sunhat, sunglasses, etc. You know...
     Alright, so sun protection. When it comes to makeup, what you'll be looking for is anything that says "SPF" on it. You're also trying to keep things light, so switch from a medium to full coverage foundation, to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF. Your goal with be at least SPF 30, but it's possible the best you'll find is SPF 15. As long as you see SPF, you are good to go.

     Next up is a moisturizing lip balm which also comes with SPF. Trust me, you want SPF in this, sunburnt lips are the WORST! Make sure you do it right though, don't make your lips worse, even if it's unintentional. If you need any tips, check out Chapped and Cheated No More. You can especially have fun with this one, look for a fun color pink or peach tinted lip balm. Sport those lips, make them look pretty while at the same time giving them some TLC. :)

     With your last item, waterproof is a MUST. Find a black or brown mascara, and swipe on a couple coats. This way, you'll add life to your lashes, but you won't look like a raccoon after a nice cool dip in the water.
     Don't worry about curling your lashes, or concealer. A day at the beach is about relaxing, and giving yourself a break. You don't need to be trying too hard to impress anybody, let the real you come out! :)
If you're worried about that pop of color to your cheeks, the sun will do that for you. You'll be having so much fun, that flush with be there in no time. :)

See you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mermaid Eyes Surprise!

     As I was getting myself ready for the day, I thought to myself, "Why not do something fun today?". So I pulled out one of my 120 eyeshadow palettes from BH Cosmetics and started with a shimmery green half across my lid.
     Then I thought, "I can't have just ONE color!", so I chiseled on an aqua-blue on the outer corner of my eye. I added a liner to match the aqua-blue, and then before you know it a few swipes here, and a few pops of pink there I had, TA-DA!!
     The perfect combination for what I'm going to dub Mermaid Eyes. Hey, they're ocean-themed colors, and plus what a great way to celebrate my upcoming relaxation vacation in California! I'm so psyched for the beach!

     I really loved all these colors together, especially the bubblegum pink lipstick, and I would TOTALLY wear it to the beach, but alas, it is not waterproof. :(

     It's really easy, I'll totally show you how. Hey, that's my next tutorial. :) So you see, sometimes it really does pay off when you start your day, and you really have no idea what you're going to make of your face!


     It doesn't always have to be stressful, just go at it an play! See what happens!

     I can personally attest that not all combinations are great ones. Sometimes I'd come back home, and wonder why I went out looking like that (sometimes it still happens).
     But you're never going to know what works and what doesn't go together unless you try it. So, be daring and have a little fun. No one is perfect, so don't expect your face to look that way either!! Mine certain doesn't.

    Go out and find that unique thing about you that makes your style special, and be proud of it. Flaunt that personality of yours 'til it shines like a brand-new penny!

     Comment below, and tell me what you'd like to see. I'm always happy to give a helping hand. That's what I'm here for!

     Until next time, have fun discovering what you can do. You never know what you might find!

Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smack It On, Pop It On. Summer Lips Here I Come!

     How many lip colors in a collection does it take until you have too many? I mean really. Ten? Twelve? Twenty? Or is lip color the exception to obsession? That is my hope, because I LOVE lipstick. Pink, red, coral, purple; you name it, I've probably got it. I might be sick, and I'm afraid this lipstickness might be contagious. So, that being said, beauty lovers beware.

Think it's a problem yet (this isn't all of them)?

     Of course, my favorite is a classic. I consider myself a classy kind of woman, so why not fall in love with a timeless red?

     Now that we are approaching, or rather, actually in the steaming hot season of summer, it's time to brighten up that color scheme. Honestly, if I, for example, see you wearing a dark plum lipstick in the middle of a warm, sunny day I might be tempted to think any of the following: a) you are strangely depressed on this lovely day, b) you don't know how to plan lipcolor accordingly to time of day, or c) you don't know how to have fun!!

     Seriously, it's not just that amount and intensity of light outside that changes with the warmer season. As the season warms up, so do we. Why not swap that dark plum for a soft bubblegum pink, or a peachy coral? In fact, why not just make your lipstick your statement piece of the day? Let those lips speak for themselves! If you must wear a dark shade of lipstick, save it for that hot date night. That way your attire matches the intensity of light outside, which is basically none at that point of the night.

     Still, as a general rule of thumb for lip color in the summer time, keep it light and bright. The brighter the colors are that you place of your face, in this case the location of concern being your lips, the healthier and happier you will look!

    Maybe you aren't one for lipsticks, maybe you prefer sheer colors on your precious puckers, and just like something that either smells or tastes yummy. Then lipgloss is your go to. Of course, you can find colors just as lovely in this category. Ultimately, when in doubt, go for a nice nude whether you are a lipstick lover or a lipgloss guru. Whatever your preference, smack it on, smile, and let your lips do the talking.

Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Just Keeps Growing and Gro...Oh Wait, It's Not For Me?: Beginning a Client's Makeup Kit

     So, the time has finally come when I have begun to build a makeup kit for client's. Isn't that great? Yes, yes, I do love makeup, but now I am giving back and sharing my talents. See? I can be selfless (yay me!).
     The reason I had to begin a kit is, because up until this point all my projects have been for female models, which I have more likely than not done on myself, but now I must conquer the feat of men's photography makeup. Honestly, it's not really that hard, very simple. More simple than women's photography makeup, really. So, I built a little kit.

     And the best place to start a kit? Ulta, of course! I walked into Ulta, and it was great, because this time I got to grab one of their shopping bags! Yes! I was truly on a haul today. :) Now this being my first kit, and not many client's yet, I was looking for quality and affordable. I tapped one of the beauty advisers on the shoulder and asked her what she recommended. When her first response was "NYX" I was surprised, and not so much so at the same time. I've heard great things about NYX, and have tried some of their products myself, and loved them. I just didn't think that would be the first thing one would say when you tell them you're building a client kit. Hey, if it's good quality, I'm all for it. I've seen some of my favorite beauty gurus use NYX too, and yes, I recommend it myself. :)
     Since the friend of mine who agreed to help me is dark-skinned, I focused my attention in that area when it came to foundation and concealer; and since he is my very first "client", if you will, I wasn't about to splurge and get everything my kit could possible ever need or want all at one time. Better to built from where you are, and add on as you go. When it comes to clients, don't buy more than you need, or actually have use for. For example, if most of your clients are fair-skinned, chances are you're not going to have need for many dark shades of foundation in your kit, if any at all.

     I promise I stuck to my list, and actually many of my products were NYX, and of course, I couldn't forget beauty applicator essentials like makeup wedges, powder puffs, and disposal mascara wands. Even in all that care, my total still came out to over $100. I know, I know, but I promise I won't be going back for awhile. That was my splurge for the month.
     Hey, look at it this way. If I hadn't stuck to my list, and tried to put my entire kit together my total could have come to well over $300! Or something around there, maybe a little less than, but who knows. But that is exactly why I stuck to my list. See? I'm smart. :)

Check out the video below to see what I got!
Talk to you soon!
   Jessica Ashley

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Maleficent: Fairy Gone Bad...Oh Yes.

     Maleficent. Evil, cruel, and beautiful. Sounds like an unfair combination, doesn't it? I mean, really. If one is going to be so dedicated to the destruction of people's happiness, seemingly for the sole reason that they did not receive an invitation to the presentation of the baby princess, especially so, they've obviously got problems. Including horrible features when it comes to vanity, right? Not so much the case here, my friend.

 Look at her, even the Disney animation version of her is frighteningly striking.
     Though her voice is a bit non-charming, unless you know better, her beauty is definitely a mirage masking her evil character. Yet despite all that you still find yourself silently wishing that you could transform yourself into her. At least for a day. Well, maybe minus the green skin. That, my dears friends, is simply cliche. Not needed really, or at all. Since when did the color green begin to symbolize evil and viciousness? Last time I check it meant growth, and beauty. Then again, she is beautiful. There you go, she might be an exception to the stigma. Green and evil, but beautiful.

     Check out Angelina Jolie for this 2014's Maleficent, she's not green at all. The only green you see in her is in her eyes, or her makeup. Perfect.

Guess this goes to show you can be beautiful and evil with or without green skin.
     Many of you may be wondering how to do your own transformation at home. Unfortunately, I can't promise how to do the hallmark headdress, but I can show you one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, Nicole Guerriero who did a wonderful job herself. Check it out, you'll love it. :)

     Until next time, have fun discovering the Maleficent in you.

    Jessica Ashley

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Can Hear the Bells!: Bridal Glamour

     Ok, I can't REALLY hear the bells. I don't know how close or far off that day will be for me, but for now I can dream, can't I?

     So, while you all were wondering when on Earth I was going to get my next post up, I completed my Bridal glam look. Being that bridal makeup looks should be fairly, if not completely, natural it was quite easy. Also, despite the fact the it included individual lashes, it went by very quickly! Yay! The lashes weren't even the worst part. In fact, after searching, and searching I STILL couldn't find a case of individual lashes, so I improvised. I took the false lashes I had, and cut the equivalent of about three individual false lashes off the end of each lash. I think it worked! What do you think?

HD Glamourous Bridal Look
      I'm excited to do a practice session with my aunt! I even put together a Pinterest page of a whole bunch of stuff for her to look at so I can get a better idea of what she wants her final look to be. Secret page, sorry y'all can't look at it. I'll put up pictures later. :)

      I'm REALLY excited for my next assignment. You know why? It's Men's Commercial Makeup. Haha, now if I can just find a model willing enough to help me out...though depending on who volunteers I will or will not be posting the pictures of my project on here. I really wish the guys wouldn't freak. Come on, just think soap commercial! That kind of makeup, literally nothing!

Talk to you soon!

   Jessica Ashley

Friday, May 23, 2014

Will You Be Rockin' it Tonight?

     Behold! I have returned! I come bearing a new video tutorial for your own entertainment. Yes, I FINALLY made my next tutorial, I know. It's actually straight from the assignments I've been doing for my makeup class. I learned some new tricks with Scotch tape. Who knew it could be so beneficial in the beauty world?

     I'm very glad that this video pulled together. While I was filming it, my camera was at twenty percent battery life, and I had a feeling it might die somewhere in the middle, but I pressed through anyway. Just like I had previously suspected, after having been filming for thirty minutes (don't worry, the video's not that long) I had about a minute and a half to go, and guess what? Yup, it died... I was not pleased. I plugged it in immediately, turned it back on, and searched my camera for the video, but I couldn't find it! I thought I'd lost it all! What?? Almost completely done with a tutorial, and it all goes ka-plooy right as I'm about to make my last marks? No way!
     Fear not though, I waited another minute, and it appeared on the memory! Phew...that was a relief. So, I continued filming, and now have what is presented before you.

     I know, I probably won't film it vertical frame next time, but hey. You can see me clearly, and that's what matters, right?

For all those of you now wondering know how in the world are you ever supposed to successfully apply false lashes, and make them look believable, don't worry. I got your back.

   Jessica Ashley

Monday, May 19, 2014

Put it in the Bucket!: What's on Your List?

     Ok, so summer's here and I know you've got things you want to do before the first leaf falls. You want to going on that hike you've never attempted before, have a non-alcoholic all-nighter party, have a tv-show binge marathon, etc. But have you thought about things you could do to kick up the fun you have with makeup? Does anybody else get bored with the EXACT same makeup routine every, single morning? It's summer-time! Live it up a little! Now is the time to try something you've never done before! Be brave! Take chances! Make mistakes, and get messy!! (Do you like my Ms. Frizzle reference?)

50 Things to Put on Your Summer Bucket List 2014:
1. Have a No Makeup day. Just go the whole day without wearing any makeup, and give your face a break (it needs a vacation too, you know).

2. Wear a crazy color (electric blue, lime green, gold, orange, etc.) as an eyeliner.

3. Do a monotone look. Wear the same color on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

4. Create a Statement makeup look. Makeup look that matches a theme, either of fashion era, or color scheme. Make it as crazy as you like! Think runway makeup.

5. Try-out different brands, and find your favorite tinted moisturizer.

6. Wear a dramatic cat-eye liner.

7. Wear some false eyelashes.

8. Create an dramatic smokey-eye

9. Try-out a new lipstick shade/color

10. Wear a classic red lip.

11. Do a makeup style from another era (1920s, 30s, 40s, etc.)

12. Try different foundation finishes (dewy, matte, satin, etc.)

13. Fill your eyebrows in with a different color (green, blue, purple, pink, etc.).

14. Try a colored mascara (blue, red, green, etc.).

15. Try double-winged eyeliner

16. Create and wear a glamorous, bridal look

17. Make your own lip color with a colored eyeshadow, and petroleum jelly (I'll show you how).

18. Wear an Egyptian style eyeliner

19. Line your waterline with a colorful eyeliner pencil.

20. Learn how to contour and scuplt your face!

21. Learn how to change the shape of your eyebrows, just by filling them in with a brow pencil or powder.

22. Perfect the art of lining your lips with lip liner.

23. Create a better lip pout by using a two different colors on your lips.

24. Use shimmer powder on your face (eyes, lips, etc.).

25. Try using different texture eyeshadows (cream, loose, pressed powder).

26. Line your waterline with a white or light-colored pencil to open your eyes up.

27. Replicate the makeup look of your favorite movie character.

28. Use makeup to turn yourself into your favorite animal, just for fun.

29. Imitate your favorite celebrity

30. Create an easy, breezy, summer makeup look that let's your face breath!

31. Find a favorite cream blush, wear a monotone makeup look.

32. Curl your lashes.

33. Experiment with thick and thin line for eyeliner.

34. Wear bronzer!

35. Go to your favorite makeup counter/store and get a consultation specifically for you!

36. Reorganize and clean up your makeup collection

37. Wear a color of eyeshadow you've never tried before. It just might work.

38. Buy a new makeup brush (or two, or three, or maybe more...).

39. Create a makeup look with a new color combination. Use your imagination and make it work!

40. Create a new makeup look using your favorite color.

41. Wear a new nail polish color.

42. Splurge on a wish-list makeup product.

43. Try a new gel liner.

44. Get in the habit of a deep cleanse or mask for your face at least once a week.

45. Tired of losing track of how many lipsticks you have? Melt 'em down, and make your own lipstick palette! (I will also show you how)

46. Master the art of applying liquid liner like a pro!

47. Ditch the habit of chapstick! Petroleum jelly/vaseline is your new friend.

48. Learn the undertones of your own skin and find the foundation shade that's just right for you.

49. Stop touching your face so much! Don't you know, that's a key cause of acne?

50. Take a picture of all your beauty adventures, and make a scrapbook! :)

Happy exploring!


     Jessica Ashley

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sulfate Free and Fabulous!

     Hello! Little update of these past few weeks that I've been treating my hair to some lovely sulfate-free therapy of RenPure Originals Shampoo & Conditioner. It works! Though I didn't completely cut heat tools from my hair routine, it works! My hair feels SO much softer, and looks shinier!! It is even a little bit thicker! :) Brilliant! It was after about two weeks that I started to notice a significant change in the way my hair felt. Less fall out, less breakage, all around better feel to it.
     My favorite thing about this whole process (besides the fact that my hair is healthier, of course)? The shampoo isn't expensive! It's quite cheap, actually. Always a plus. Always. Also, something else I noticed? My hair isn't as greasy anymore! It's awesome! So, I can be even nicer to my hair, give it a break between washings, and let it absorb the natural oils it produces to keep itself healthy. Oh lovely, lovely day.

Talk to you later!

    Jessica Ashley

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chapped and Cheated No More

     Hi! It's me again. So, food for thought: have you ever had trouble with outrageously chapped lips? If your lips are anywhere near as sensitive as mine, this is probably true. You use chapstick after chapstick, and probably most of those little babies, you don't even finish, because you lose them so easily! Am I right, or am I right? It seems that no matter how much of that stuff you use, it only ever feels that you need more, and so it is consumed more frequently. You know why? News flash! It doesn't really work!!!
     Why is that you may ask? I'll tell you why, it's because the companies that manufacture this little precious include an ingredient known as methanol into the product so that it actually makes your lips more chapped, and you have to continue using their so-called "chap repair" to get even some short-term relief. As a result, you keep purchasing this product that really isn't doing you any good, it's just reeling you backwards into misery. Just what those money misers want. I know, I'm guilty of it too. Why haven't I permanently stopped? Because I bought twelve of those little buggers at one time when they were on sale!! What a way to waste your money if you give up the habit now, right? Wrong.

     So what? So, chapstick doesn't really work. What else can I do? Even if I don't use it, my lips still get chapped and dried out. No, no. I am not telling you to completely give up hope of ever finding a healthy remedy for your poor, dry lips. I am telling you there is a better way to do it, however. How 'bout let's try something that, you know, DOESN'T leave your lips looking or feeling like the Sahara?


     My advice? Turn to the bare necessities in times like this. The best thing to use if you're not into any homemade remedies? Petroleum jelly or vaseline. Yup, that good old slimy stuff, right out of the jar. No weird tricks, or creepy ingredients, just an old friend that you probably haven't looked at since you were about five. Am I right? Of course, I don't recommend you carry around that hideously, inconveniently shaped, and sized jar in your pocket or purse. Of course not. Simply get a travel size container (find them at your local drugstore, dollar store, or online too), scoop some of that stuff inside, and ta-da! You have your very own, only true chap-repair product you'll ever need!

Talk to you all soon!

    Jessica Ashley

Monday, May 12, 2014

Whether Cream or Powder, It's Black Noir Galore! The Extremist Smokey Eye Look

     I'm soooo sorry that it's been forever, but gosh I feel like I've been so busy! But I finally got to my next assignment!
     This one felt a little more challenging, because I didn't just use brown and black shadows in this look, they were cream shadows. Cream shadows, I have found, don't like to blend the same way that powder shadows do. On top of that, being that the cream shadows I used were homemade (made of a mixture of powder shadow and lotion), they seemed even harder to blend.
Extremist Smokey Eye Look (eyes closed)

Extremist Smokey Eye Look (eyes open)

     The black shadow I felt I couldn't get as intense as I would have liked, but I think it did well, don't you think?

     I still think my blending looked better in my first assignment: From Natural to Sultry to Hello Sexy!!: Amp Up Your Natural Beauty. Or can you even tell the difference?

     Ok, I really just need to expand the textures I work with. I will admit, I don't have a big variety in my makeup kit...One of the cool things about this makeup course (though it can also be frustrating) is that they let you work with the makeup products you have; they don't require you to buy a makeup kit from them. But at the same time, it can be difficult to replicate the makeup look when you don't have the same beauty products at hand. They main brand of makeup they use is Makeup ForEver, and heaven knows I don't have the money for that right now!
     I know, it's weird that I don't have cream shadows of all sorts of colors in my own personal kit, but I've always had trouble with them, I just don't buy them. Problem solved. Right? But I should be more flexible, and just learn how to use them like a good makeup artist should, right?

Oh guess what?? My lovely aunt is getting married, and wants to do a practice session with me for her bridal makeup! How cool is that?! I'm so excited! It's even better, because that's what my next assignment is, bridal makeup. Yay!

Talk to you all soon!

    Jessica Ashley


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sugar Plum Thursday: Purple For the Win

     Hello all. So, whilst I sit here at my desk at work during this LONG week of Women's Conference here at BYU, there has not been much to do. At all. Really. I've been sitting here for the past near four and a half hours, and everybody else has something to do, except for the people at the Text Information desk...All the while hearing the same two "Christian pop" songs on constant repeat!!! Get me out of here! I'm bored, I'm cold, and I just want to go home and play with my much loved beauty products and brushes, or maybe cuddle up in my bed with a package of Oreos or Chips Ahoy and watch a good movie.
      Aside from all that, it has been a lovely day outside, and I was so blessed not to have to wear a jacket walking to work.

     On this fine day, I decided to sport my brand-new, plum-colored, long-sleeved knit shirt from H&M. Of which I went shopping to a couple days ago, with only the intention of looking for new flats...I guess I might have gotten carried away, but I got a nice pair of white lace flats! Along with a new pair of jeans (and yes, they actually fit), a white camisole, a lovely cream-colored clutch with lace flowers, and of course my gorgeously comfy, plum shirt. Don't ask me why it's plum, it was on sale, it's cute, and I'm a girl. Do the math...

   Jessica Ashley

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Natural to Sultry to Hello Sexy!!: Amp Up Your Natural Beauty

     Well, I did it! I finished my first project of the online makeup course. Which included a trilogy of natural looks: Natural, Evening, and Cat Eye. Beautiful neutrals, and awesome liner! I loved how all of them built up on one another, and none look as if you're caked in 50 pounds of makeup!

Natural Eye
Natural to Evening
Fashionista CatEye
Fashionista CatEye
Fashionista CatEye
     The interesting thing about the Natural to Evening part of this look for me was that it included falsh eyelashes. The only thing I have against falsh eyelashes is that they're so difficult!! But other than that, they make your lashes look fuller and darker, so if the glue and application part doesn't give you a headache, it's an all around win-win situation. But as you can see, I came, I glued, and I conquered!! Can you even tell they're not my real lashes??

    I'm really proud of my CatEye. I was actually supposed to use tape, but of course of all things to forget on my last shopping trip, what do I realize I neglected to purchase in the exact moment I need it?...tape... So, I improvised. I used two Post-it notes instead. And despite the fact that Post-it notes are not as adhesive as a brilliant piece of Scotch tape would have been, it worked!! Whoo-hoo!! Whose got two thumbs up, a smile, and a beautiful Cateye? This girl! That's right. 
     Now if only I had a sexy red dress, and a date tonight... Lame, must all my successes always be celebrated in silence? Well, you my lovely friend reading this post won't let that happen, will you? Thanks, I knew you wouldn't let me down. :)

More to come! Hopefully I will get the video up soon.

I love you all!

   Jessica Ashley