Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wake Me Up When it's Over!!

     Alright, I'm done. I'm mentally exhausted from the stresses and boredom of this semester!! This is just NOT my semester. You know your semester is REALLY boring when you're more motivated to work on renovating and organizing your nook in your apartment bedroom for your beauty vlog videos than studying for tests...I'm just going nuts, because I'm taking mostly generals, and the classes I should find interesting are too late in the day; and by then I'm too tired to care...Ugh...
     In the meantime, I continue to suppress a storm of emotions that attempt to drive me absolutely insane. Seriously! All I think about in my "spare time" is about get an HD video camera, tripod, photography reflector (to better the lighting in my apartment), a vanity mirror, and other containers and drawer sets for my room or storage space so I can do videos! That and beauty hauls...It's my hobbie, what can I do? Besides music, makeup is my stress reliever. Honestly, if I'm feeling stressed, and you offer to take me shopping, I'm most likely to go straight for the makeup isle. Makeup brushes, are always a favorite to shop for. Next has got to be eyeshadow (I have a LOT).

     I just need an outlet SOON!!! If not NOW!! (*help* :( ) If I still have it together by the end of the semester, you should be seeing more videos coming up, and that will be my project for the summer. I'm sure that will be enough of a vacation for me. Thank goodness for summer!!

     Jessica Ashley

Monday, February 24, 2014

Haul Craving!!! Slash, I went on a splurge...E.L.F. Haul

     Ok, so...I've been watching my favorite Youtube beauty gurus, and that includes their beauty hauls. Everything from Sephora, to Ulta, to ELF ( Aside from that, since I love makeup so much, I am REALLY bad at keeping an updated wardrobe. There are still things in my closet that I wore in high school! Wow, yeah I need an update.
     So, I decided I'd at least try to get myself a few new items for my closet, starting with my favorite place H&M. :) This was all online shopping, by the way. A college student without a car, who has a part time job, doesn't exactly get around easy; I have to make do with what I got. Online shopping is usually the first place I go for new things. I browsed through the ENTIRE website clicking on anything I found cute (including browsing through clearance). I sometimes find it hard to go on a successful shopping trip since I can't seem to make up my mind, but this way I can gather everything I might want then go back through later, and eliminate what I don't want. I found some cute things, which I will post once they arrive. I actually, only ended up getting a few items, but I'm happy I'm on the update...then I got to work and found out I got paid on Friday...OH NO!!!
     THEN I wanted to go off on my beauty haul!! Since many of the beauty gurus I follow use this brand, and the cutest guru of them all, taliajoy18, absolutely adored this brand, I thought I'd start with an E.L.F haul. Plus that, they're super cheap, and have really good reviews. I'm going for it. :) I spent $42.00...Hey! I got free shipping! What's better? Ok, well maybe actually having the products in my hands to play with would be better, but free shipping. :)
    I suppose I'm going to have to do my own H&M/E.L.F haul video when I get all my stuff. I'm still in search for a better quality camera, so I'll make do with what I have, but it's coming!

   Jessica Ashley

Monday, February 17, 2014

Blast in the Past: 1940's Big Band Night!

     Saturday was such a fun night! It was a post-Valentine's Day date, you could say. :) Dinner, lot's a jazz music, and dancing! What's cooler than that? I got to wear my great-grandma's jewelry to snaz-up my outfit in the perfect way! :)
     The makeup was pretty simple. Eyeshadow was very neutral, with a stronger crease, as well as a strong brow; popular in the '40s. A pale pink blush on the cheeks, and a little bronzer for contour under the cheekbones, and of course, no night look is complete without a gorgeous red lip ( I put my pin curls down, and worked with my widow's peak and that annoying callick in the front of my head, and made an S-wave with one of the curls. :)
     My dress, I fortunately already had in my closet, thought I'd pull it out for the night. A wonderful royal blue color I bought from Dillard's ( A standard black pump for footwear, and I was ready to go. :)

     Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my date and me. Courtesy of BYU photographers, I have not received the photos yet. :( Dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu, salad, mashed potatoes, and green beans was fabulous! It made me so full, I could hardly finish my delicious mint brownie (Shocking, I know)! Dancing was so much fun, though my dance skills need a brush-up. I remember all the rhythms to the dances they played that night, I just don't remember many steps! I felt sooo inferior to all the couples in any direction of me dancing smoothly to Cha-Cha, or the Foxtrot, and of course the Swing. You can't have a '40s party that's complete with the Swing! 
     All the while, my date kept telling me to teach him how to dance! Oh my, what pressure! First, I must re-teach myself, then I can give him those lessons he was asking for. :) What a fun night! Can't wait to dress up again! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Forever Blue!

     Yes, once again, I must brag about a favorite. As you know, I love simple (though I still do love a good glamourous). Of all the colors of the rainbow, my most favorite color of them all is royal blue! Now that it is winter time, and me being such a small girl, layers and warmth are the first things I look for whilst standing in front of my wardrobe in my drafty, cold bedroom. Put those all together and you get something like this:

     I apologize for the horrid, terrifying lighting, but white light is not a luxury that I can afford. I REALLY need to invest in a full length mirror that is not already plastered to the wall. One that I can position in such a place where I can stand FACING the light source. I'm so sorry! But you get the general picture anyway, it's what matters.
     This sweater is actually from Forever 21 ( Weird, I know, since they are a retail store composed of almost any style you could ever, possibly want to combine. But still, this sweater stole my heart when I found it. :) It's definitely a favorite. Sometimes I wish I had more than one of this sweater so I could wear it all week (though not really)! My favorite way to wear it is with a white layering tank, dark-blue skinny jeans, and a pair of warm, sandy-brown lace-up booties. Which, by the way, are from Forever Young Shoes, in case any of you were wondering.