Friday, September 12, 2014

Filling That Space In the Trophy Case: Finishing My Online Makeup Course

     You won't believe it! Or maybe you will, because if you know anything about me, you'll know that I finish everything I start, even if it comes down to "eventually...". But enough of that, guess what?!! I'm finally finished with my makeup course!! Yup, completed, made whole, finished, victouriously terminated, I've got more...So you know what that means? I'm officially certified!! Got to print it off, and order an official copy and everything. :)

     Guess what else this means? I get discounts on tons of totally cool, and awesome makeup products!! Booya! Could this get any better? Well, of course I can always improve, and whole bunch of other things: I could start up my website, create and print some really awesome business cards, get a couple more clients, you know...
     This is so exciting! I get to start doing such awesome, cool stuff now! Heck, I'm going to get that certificate framed and hang it up on my wall for everyone to see! Yay me!! Now for me to pick out my next project. many choices! Sweet, extravagant fantasy makeup? Smokin' hot club makeup? Decisions, decisions...I'll figure it out. You'll see it up here soon!

    Jessica Ashley

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