Friday, September 19, 2014

Short AND Petite: The Downfalls of the Short-figured Woman

     For those of you girlies out there that are not just short, but also petite, you know what I mean by downfalls of the short-figured... You'll be familiar with the woes of shopping, online and in-store, when you find the cutest item that you MUST have.
     You receive it in the mail, or you race back at full-speed to the ever so crowded fitting rooms, and to your devastating horror, you discover the sleeves or the pant legs are juuust that much too long!! Or maybe you tried on a dress, and because your hips appear sooner in your stature than the dress was made for, the torso of the dress falls sloppy, and slouches ugly, and improperly around you middle figure, and just doesn't hug you right AT ALL!!! Oh the despair!!! The sorrow!!
     So maybe you keep the item, or you buy it anyway, and swear you will take it to your wise mother, graciously gifted with the wisdom and tongue of the sewing machine, and plead that she tailor it to your portions that you may wear this precious gem that you have purchased, because you just can't live without it. But, was that really a wise decision? Isn't that just putting yourself through more aggravating, sweaty trouble than is really necessary?
     This may seem like a downer to some of you, but my advice? Simply shop in the petite section! Trust me, the only shrink found anywhere is length-wise. All the sizes are the same, they just hug us short girls better!! Your clothes may even start to feel like a wonderous mink fur, beware.
     I've found some super cute stuff, that I could wear, and the best part? I have no reason anywhere to have anything tailored! My woe-some trials are over! Your confidence may now rise knowing there is a comfortable way of life for you.
     Petite is easier found in online shopping than anywhere in-store. Stores sell petite items, but for some mysterious reason, unknown to the female mind (at least as far as I'm aware), not all shops like to tell us where those glorious drapes of golden fleece are. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about "petite" footwear. Ha, wonder what that would look like.

     Wait! No! I take it back! No, no, I never want to be able to fathom the infuriating mess my shoe spree would have morphed into!

     Happy shopping!

   Jessica Ashley

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