Friday, March 6, 2015

Brightening Your Day With Shimmer: Depuffing Those Swollen Eyes

     Ok, so you just spent the past 12 hours of your life crying your eyes out. Your lips, nose and eyes are a lovely puffy, plump red. Perfect for walking out the door to greet the world a "good morning". Not. So, what do you do in this "anything but ideal" situation. You must liven up your face somehow, and certainly you don't want every, single person asking you what's wrong. Am I right?

     Even if you do your very best to avoid it on a daily basis, shimmer is now your best friend. Yup, that's what I said. Shimmer. Here is how you cover up and disguise those unfortunate, saddened terrifying eyes.

1. Green is the complementary color of red. So naturally, what happened when you put green on top of red? It disappears! Find a green corrector concealer and pat it on to the red areas of your eyes and face. This helps neutralize the red.

2. Grab your favorite concealer, apply it to the area under your eyes in the shape of a triangle. This is a better way to help brighten up the face. Not only do you get your eyes, but you also highlight the highest points of your cheeks/cheekbone area as well!

3. Set the concealer with a translucent face powder. Remember to pat the powder on the face, don't swipe it. Applying powder in a swiping motion will only smear and/or wipe away what you have already done.

4. Next, take a light toned neutral shimmer eyeshadow, and apply to the inner corners of your eyes, and to the lower lashline.

Ta-da!! The windows to your soul now look much cleaner and brighter.

See you soon!

Jessica Ashley

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