Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking a Break From the Face: A Day Without Makeup

     Today, I don't have work, and I thought, "Hey, why not give my face a breather, and just not do my face today?"? You know? Since I'll most likely be lying around in sweats all day anyway, why not just take a break from dressing my face up as well?

     So, as I sit here in my newly washed hair, sweats, and sporting the most comfortable yet contradictory T-shirt EVER (Yes, meaning that it is a UTE T-shirt), my face remains untouched by any glamourous touch-ups.
     Why am I giving myself this day, you may ask? Well, to give my face a breather, as I said earlier, from anything that might clog my pores and cause even more imperfections. Also to maybe, perhaps just spend time with me, and learn to love myself in my true reflection. Hey, it's a healthy exercise. If you can't learn to love yourself in your true colors, you'll never learn to like yourself in a mask of makeup. Am I right?         Just like you might wake up one morning and see a brand-new pimple on your face that you're sure is so prominent the whole world can see it; and even after you dab loads of concealer and product on top of it, and now TRULY no one can see it, you go the entire day flinching at the girl in the mirror, because the first thing your eyes drift to is that dreaded pimple. Right? Learn to love that beautiful, natural canvas of yours, and you'll learn to love yourself no matter how much makeup you do or don't have on.

Have a wonderful and adventurous Friday!

Jessica Ashley

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