Monday, August 4, 2014

There's a Moth-hole In My Jacket!: Updating an Out-of-Date Wardrobe

     Ever come to that point in your year, month, week, whatever where you finally take  a moment to reminisce on all the new clothing shopping you've done over the past season or two, and it turns out to be basically none at all? That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now.

     Really. Even today, I somehow managed to go the ENTIRE day wearing a shirt I thought was fine, and just barely realized a couple hours ago that there is a button missing on the sleeve! Oh, and did I forget to mention that the shirt was already a hand-me-down already before that? Not that I'm big on thrift store shopping or anything, I'm not. In fact, a thrift store is about one of the last places I want to go to pick out my new statement piece for the season. Isn't that sad that I seem to spend so much time on my face, that I don't even pay attention to how quickly my wardrobe is desintegrating? I mean, I've still got pieces in my closet from high school!! What??

     So, how does one fix this ever-growing problem, this horrible fashion rut and grave I'm digging for myself? It gets even worse, you should see my shoes!! Even at 22-years-old I'm STILL tripping over my own feet, and scuffing the dickens out of my beloved footwear! But by the way my shoes get treated you wouldn't think they believe that adjective, would you? On top of all this, how does one create a decent clothing fund while living off of a student budget? Ha! That's a good one, think it's possible? There's gotta be something you can do when even your own college student cousin has better-looking, and bigger brand clothing than you!
     What to do, what to do. Start a fund? How? Or do I promise myself to spend at least twenty dollars every paycheck on either a brand-new shirt, pair of shoes, or bottoms? That wouldn't be such a bad idea, would it? Put $20 in a jar every time I get paid, and at the end of the month go out, and spend it at my favorite store; or set my sights on a favorite splurge item, save up, and go spend it once I hit the big number.

     What are your favorite ways to ensure that you keep an up-to-date wardrobe? Trust me, I'm all ears for this one. I need all the help I can get!

Talk to you soon!

    Jessica Ashley

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