Friday, August 15, 2014

That Red Thing In My Closet: Brand-New Red Dress Addition

     As I have been ranting about my horrible, tarnished wardrobe, and it's desperate need for repair, I have some news...I bought a new dress!! Specifically, to be exact, a red dress. Yes, that's right, you heard me, a RED dress.
Great, ain't it?
     I'm quite pleased with myself, as I have been wanting such an article in my closet for some time now, and I hope I find the perfect opportunity to wear it.
     You don't just wear a red dress to any random occasion. No! Red says, "Look at me! I'm wonderful!" So, you want it to be just right. For example, one of the LAST places you want to be wearing a red dress is a funeral. Bad idea. In such place you are there to remember someone else, the time is not about you, nor the place to be flaunting your lovely beauty. Much too loud. People wear black to funerals for a reason...

     Now one of the BEST places to wear you red drapes is a happy, excited, social gathering. Like party! Not going out to the movies, where everyone's sitting in the dark, and can't see you. What was the point in wearing the dress, then? A party has lots of people, and the red dress will help you stand out. It says, "Come talk to me! I'm interesting!" Of course, don't forget your accessories. Put that smile on, it'll make all the difference, I promise. :)

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