Thursday, January 23, 2014

Favorite Color of the Day is Red

     I've decided that my favorite color today is red. Why? Well, because this gorgeous color is on my lips! And my, do they look fine! (they really do, actually). In my usual primping routine this morning I did not think to put such color on, but when I finally got to work, I thought my lips felt (and looked) a little bare. So, on came the red! Of course, it's my favorite red from Avon (Ultra Color Rich Lipstick - Red Reveal I've gotten a lot of compliments about it!
     My words of wisdom today? When in doubt, add some red! Whether it's a pair of earrings, shoes, a scarf, belt, hat, or a gorgeous red lipstick. That pop of color will definitely spice your look up (in a good way of course). As long as it's the right red for you, it can only do better for you.

How to Choose the Right Red Lipstick:
1. Look at the under-side of your wrist, are the blood veins more blue or green?
2. If more blue, your perfect red:

  • Has cool undertones to it 
  • A "blue" red is great for you, anything warm and the color is going to scream, and make you look washed-out, instead of compliment your skintone.
  • You red-heads will also want to stay towards the cool red tones, as well.
Great shades to try:
AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipstick - Red Reveal (
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick - F-Bomb (
3. If more green, your perfect red:

  • You have a more olive undertone to your skin, and you can go with a warm tone of red. 
  • Orange-red looks best on you. A cool tone will make your skin appear dull instead of radiant (no lady wants that now, do they?).
Great shades to try:
NARS Lipstick - Heat Wave (
Lacome Rouge In Love Lipcolor - Rouge Satin Honore (

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