Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Give Me Your Troubles, So That I May Solve Them! :)

     Ok, another purpose of this blog is not only to share my love of everything beautiful about cosmetics, and all of the like, but also to help YOU find solutions to problems you are having. What are some everyday, or maybe not so common, inconveniences that you have as it comes to things dealing with beauty, fashion, makeup, and skin care (acne, scarring, etc.)? I would LOVE to help! Some things I am expert at, but give me challenges so that I may conquer them, and help you get rid of your frustration!
     I personally have trouble with acne, and as a college student would LOVE oh so much to find a working homemade remedy. No more of these expensive topical medications and pills! I need something affordable! Thus, I shall strive to find such a solution. I will update you on the search soon.

   Jessica Ashley

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