Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wake Me Up When it's Over!!

     Alright, I'm done. I'm mentally exhausted from the stresses and boredom of this semester!! This is just NOT my semester. You know your semester is REALLY boring when you're more motivated to work on renovating and organizing your nook in your apartment bedroom for your beauty vlog videos than studying for tests...I'm just going nuts, because I'm taking mostly generals, and the classes I should find interesting are too late in the day; and by then I'm too tired to care...Ugh...
     In the meantime, I continue to suppress a storm of emotions that attempt to drive me absolutely insane. Seriously! All I think about in my "spare time" is about get an HD video camera, tripod, photography reflector (to better the lighting in my apartment), a vanity mirror, and other containers and drawer sets for my room or storage space so I can do videos! That and beauty hauls...It's my hobbie, what can I do? Besides music, makeup is my stress reliever. Honestly, if I'm feeling stressed, and you offer to take me shopping, I'm most likely to go straight for the makeup isle. Makeup brushes, are always a favorite to shop for. Next has got to be eyeshadow (I have a LOT).

     I just need an outlet SOON!!! If not NOW!! (*help* :( ) If I still have it together by the end of the semester, you should be seeing more videos coming up, and that will be my project for the summer. I'm sure that will be enough of a vacation for me. Thank goodness for summer!!

     Jessica Ashley

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