Monday, February 3, 2014

Forever Blue!

     Yes, once again, I must brag about a favorite. As you know, I love simple (though I still do love a good glamourous). Of all the colors of the rainbow, my most favorite color of them all is royal blue! Now that it is winter time, and me being such a small girl, layers and warmth are the first things I look for whilst standing in front of my wardrobe in my drafty, cold bedroom. Put those all together and you get something like this:

     I apologize for the horrid, terrifying lighting, but white light is not a luxury that I can afford. I REALLY need to invest in a full length mirror that is not already plastered to the wall. One that I can position in such a place where I can stand FACING the light source. I'm so sorry! But you get the general picture anyway, it's what matters.
     This sweater is actually from Forever 21 ( Weird, I know, since they are a retail store composed of almost any style you could ever, possibly want to combine. But still, this sweater stole my heart when I found it. :) It's definitely a favorite. Sometimes I wish I had more than one of this sweater so I could wear it all week (though not really)! My favorite way to wear it is with a white layering tank, dark-blue skinny jeans, and a pair of warm, sandy-brown lace-up booties. Which, by the way, are from Forever Young Shoes, in case any of you were wondering.

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