Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Natural to Sultry to Hello Sexy!!: Amp Up Your Natural Beauty

     Well, I did it! I finished my first project of the online makeup course. Which included a trilogy of natural looks: Natural, Evening, and Cat Eye. Beautiful neutrals, and awesome liner! I loved how all of them built up on one another, and none look as if you're caked in 50 pounds of makeup!

Natural Eye
Natural to Evening
Fashionista CatEye
Fashionista CatEye
Fashionista CatEye
     The interesting thing about the Natural to Evening part of this look for me was that it included falsh eyelashes. The only thing I have against falsh eyelashes is that they're so difficult!! But other than that, they make your lashes look fuller and darker, so if the glue and application part doesn't give you a headache, it's an all around win-win situation. But as you can see, I came, I glued, and I conquered!! Can you even tell they're not my real lashes??

    I'm really proud of my CatEye. I was actually supposed to use tape, but of course of all things to forget on my last shopping trip, what do I realize I neglected to purchase in the exact moment I need it?...tape... So, I improvised. I used two Post-it notes instead. And despite the fact that Post-it notes are not as adhesive as a brilliant piece of Scotch tape would have been, it worked!! Whoo-hoo!! Whose got two thumbs up, a smile, and a beautiful Cateye? This girl! That's right. 
     Now if only I had a sexy red dress, and a date tonight... Lame, must all my successes always be celebrated in silence? Well, you my lovely friend reading this post won't let that happen, will you? Thanks, I knew you wouldn't let me down. :)

More to come! Hopefully I will get the video up soon.

I love you all!

   Jessica Ashley

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