Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Forgot My Face!

     So, this morning I had to go help out the intermediate makeup class on campus, by being a model. That means they get to do my makeup instead of the other way around, and on top of that I got credit for it! Isn't that just the best? Their focus was black and white glamour photos, so they needed to make sure the shades and intensities of the makeup they put on their models would show the intended effects in the shaded effect of the photograph, instead of a usual color lens.
     Since it was in the morning, AND my first class was cancelled today (Yay!) I got to sleep in, and I decided the best and most convenient way to do my face for the artist was to NOT do my face! Yikes! So, I just washed my face, moisturized, did my hair, but no makeup! I walked all the way to campus from my apartment without any makeup on! Though, thank goodness that sun was out, I hid underneath the shield of my sunglasses. Phew.
     The artist who did my makeup was actually a guy, and he didn't favor to glamour makeup that well, so he did the best he could. He actually did a pretty good job.

What do you think?
      Who else (addressing the women here) has a discomfort/totally irrational fear of walking out of their home for the day without doing their face first? I will be honest, I feel totally vulnerable, exposed, and naked without my makeup. Now, of course the clothes on my body must come first, but my face has a wardrobe too. Without it, my brain reminds me that I've neglected to address a very important portion of my routine. If there is not a check next to that on my daily to-do list, I can't walk out the door, but today I broke that on purpose, and rewrote my list for the day. And yes, I am going back to my longer list tomorrow. I figure the extra 20+ minutes is worth it.

Ladies, am I right?

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