Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'll Make A Man Out of...Myself

      Well, I knew it was going to happen eventually...but we finally did beards in class, and we weren't required to bring models, so...I just used myself, heh. Let me tell you, your first beard is NOT going to be pretty (see evidence below). The video we watched on lecture day, which by the way was a video about 30 or 40 years old and the guys demonstrating the proper method for apply wool crepe hair to the face were totally cheesy. It was ridiculous.
      I will be honest, I got pretty irritated. All the stringy crepe hair sticking well to my fingers, but not my face like it should have, was quite frustrating. Though my instructor left out little bowls of alcohol to help keep our fingers clean, and acetone for our scissors, there was still crepe sticking to anything and everything I didn't want it to. I had trouble pinning my head hair out of the way well enough, so I got spirit gum in my hair as well...grrr...But the difference between spirit gum and rubber facial latex in that spirit gum comes out of the hair, latex doesn't. Latex just rips your hair out...ouch!

     So, after much perseverance and frustration (I even warned the rest of the class to not tick me off any more than I already was), I hurriedly threw on the "easy" part, the mustache. I passed! To make things even better, my instructor emailed the class and said that for those of us that it was our first beard (that would be me) she gave us 5 extra points! Yes!

You can laugh...

     Also, my DermaBlemd Cover Creme finally arrived! I've been playing with it for a couple days, and I'm still getting the best application technique down. So I will let you know how that goes, and post about it soon. :)

I also got a new haircut!

     Oh! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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