Friday, November 8, 2013

The Longer List

     I've returned to the longer list today, and it's glorious! I feel so much better walking to campus with a natural-color smoky-eyed look on my face, than with nothing at all! I went with a bubble-gum pink lipstick today. Should I have gone for a crimson red? Yes? No?
     When I got out of bed today, my roommate was in the shower so I had to detour, and eat breakfast first. I did cut close on time to get to class, but I made it having done a complete glamour look. :) Though I chose to go more for comfy today with my outfit, and wore my blue jeans and North Carolina Tar-Heels t-shirt. It's the most comfortable t-shirt I've ever worn in my life! Kudos to my aunt Abby for giving it to me! I promise, that if I didn't have such far of a walking distance and didn't have to hike the dreaded stairs on south campus, I would be more classy. Though, I am wearing heeled boots today. :) Yes, at this point in the season, nothing is going to take me away from my boots, even if they have a slight heel to them.

     Good news for today! It's actually pretty warm outside, and I barely need my jacket!

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