Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Streaking Home in the Dark of Night

     Well, it finally happened. I walked all the home from campus without any makeup on, WHAT SO EVER!!! I felt so embarrassed and naked, but I did it.
     It so happens that this unfortunate event happened right after my stage makeup class which we had been practicing stylized makeup. In this case, I'd been trying to turn myself into a painting of many colors. Instead of using black or grey for shadow, I was using blues, and greens, and reds and purples. Instead of white for highlight, I was using yellows. On top of that, I drew a star around my eye...and this being practice, well. It didn't turn out like a professional the first time. Me walking home like that?
     So, after cleaning up my area, and my face, I got my sunglasses out and made my gradual ascent up the stairs from the basement of the HFAC. I knew it was going to be "dark" outside, but I didn't think it was going to be THAT dark. Alas, it was a little too dark to see anything through the comforting shield of my sunglasses. So...I took them off...Ah!!! It was really awkward, and I felt REALLY out of my comfort zone, but I made it home alive.

     To bless me for my efforts, I found a Twix bar on my bed with a note, "Thanks for being so very sweet".

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