Friday, March 7, 2014

Where Has the Time Gone??? Early Spring Favorites

     Oh my goodness!! Spring is FINALLY coming around the corner! The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and my wardrobe (for my face and my body) is starting to get brighter! Yay for Spring!

     As student that has to start my days in the early morning, doing a natural makeup look is something of a regular routine for me, but NOW I'm starting to put more pretty pastels on my face, and my nails. :) My favorite nail polish is a beautiful lavender purple "Julie" by ZOYA ( It has a small shimmer to it, but the color pigment is still very opaque.

     My next favorite thing to play with besides my eyeshadow is my lipcolor, and since I have very full lips, giving them the lead role of the act is always very fun for me. Playing it up with a bold lip, or simply eccentuating my natural lip color, it's something I always enjoy. :)
     Another one of my favorites is the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balm by Maybelline in "Pink Me Up" ( If you're just looking for something to give your lips a quick plumping up, plus a little touch of color this is the PERFECT lip balm for you. I'm starting to really like lip balms, because they are very sheer, and conditioning for the lips, but they still give me that color satisfaction I really love. :)

     A new product that I've been wearing more often now is a pink matte lipstick in "Showstopper" by em Cosmetics ( This is a great matte pink. It's a little more than a nude pink, but not the bubblegum pinky pink kind of color. It's almost a baby pink mixed with a lavender color. However you'd like to say it, it's the perfect pink. At least for me. :)

    My new go-to foundation is from Maybelline's FIT ME collection in "Porcelain 110" ( It has SPF protection, and has a nice medium coverage and satin finish. With the warm weather approaching, you want your skin to be able to breathe for your natural glow to shine through!

    My final favorite is my concealor from Kat Von D's Lock-It Tatoo Concealor in "Light 16" ( It's wonderful for undereye circles. Since the skin underneath the eyes is very sensitive and delicate, a nice liquid concealor that will easily smooth and blend makes for the perfect gentle product for my eyes. :)

    I'm excited for my E.L.F. order to get here so I can play with it! I will hopefully have a video for you all soon. Happy Spring everybody!! :)

  Jessica Ashley


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