Monday, March 17, 2014

Live Love Carnaval OPI nailpolish

     So, I just painted my nails this awesome color last night, and I LOVE it! I actually didn't think until after I'd painted them, about the fact that St. Patrick's Day was today. Ha. Go figure. Even still, this is a lovely color and it's perfect for transitioning into the season of warmer weather. :)
     It's great because it's not too orange, and not too light. It's got just a little bit of pink in it, so it's not quite a warm of a hue, but still a cool color, and still works for me. Pardon the sloppy mess around my nails, I'm not a pro at doing both my hands (as I assume most of you all have the same issue).

Until next time, I've found a new favorite friend to sport on my fingers.

Enjoy the warmer weather!!

   Jessica Ashley

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