Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ulta-mate Treat!!

     I kind of hit a down today (yes, I cried). Even though I received a lovely note from a kind girl in one of my classes reminding me that I am a loved daughter of our Heavenly Father, and that I have a sweet spirit, and my light shines. That was very sweet of her, and it really made my day! Unfortunately, not soon after, the distractions of my day seeped back into my head, and I fussed over them to the point where I eventually broke into tears. Though honestly, I couldn't tell if those tears were of relief, frustration, or both. Which makes it even more frustrating all over again! Aaah!!
     Soon after my breakdown, I over heard my roommate asking the other girls if I was home. As she called out to me, I answered behind my closed door, "Yeah?". I suppose she could tell I'd been crying, because she asked me if I was okay. Then she said something that put a sparkle in my heart, "Hey, I'm going to Ulta". What?!! Oh yes! I remembered we'd planned on going to Ulta together! Oh, what a good pick me up! :)

     I cleaned up my face as good as I could, and we were soon out the door. Oh it was so nice walking among the aisles and aisles of makeup. After I'd finally decided on my purchases for the day, reaching into my purse for my phone to find my roommate's whereabouts in the store, I realized in the excitement of the shopping trip I'd forgotten my phone! So, I hoped she'd hadn't been trying to call me for the past ten minutes, that would've been embarrassing...
     Sliding through the checkout, set up a rewards card, and got a free sample of Kenra Volume Hairspray (, and I was ready to go. My purchases included:

Tarte Creaseless Concealer - Light (,

OPI Nail Lacquer Brasil - Live Love Carnaval (,

Revlon Nail Polish - 580 Eclectic (,

My free sample of Kenra Volume Hairspray. :)

See you soon! Thanks for reading. :)

  Jessica Ashley

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