Saturday, March 22, 2014

Renpure Originals Shampoo & Conditioner - Sulfate free!

     Well, warm weather is coming in, and my hair is STILL as fragile, thin, and dry as it has ever been. So, I think it's time for a change. I'm going to do the best I can to thicken my hair back to where it used to be. Believe me, up until I was about 12 or 13-years-old my hair was so thick, I could wrap my thumb and index finger (the largest finger width on your hand) all the way around all of my hair, but my fingertips were always about a quarter of an inch away from touching, and I could not get them to touch! My hair was literally that thick! Then came good, old junior high, and the regular, routine use of that medieval device we girls call a "flat" or a straightening-iron WITHOUT the use of heat protectant. As consequence of such actions, and with the companions of stress, and our lovely friends called hormones, my hair began to thin, break, and fall out by the hundreds it seemed!
     On top of that, my hair care routine wasn't that great either. I'd use very cheap shampoo and conditioner EVERY day, and cheap shampoos commonly have an ingredient inside themselves that is quite the enemy to the health of our hair. We call them SULFATES!

      You know how when you don't wash your hair for a day or two your hair begins to feel and/or look very greasy? Well, what causes that greasy-look is the build of natural oils your hair follicles produce to keep your hair healthy, but society has decided that the greasy-hair look is a no-go; so we wash our hair to get rid of that oil. The problem is, is that those sulfates are so good at getting rid of all that oil that they don't just decrease the amount of oil in your hair, they completely strip your tressles of all the nutrients they need to stay healthy, plump, and smooth. This causes your gorgeous strands to become frail, brittle, frizzy, and thin.

     I decided it was time to change. So, I went and searched for the best sulfate-free shampoos, and found one at my local grocery store, believe it or not! I was so dearly hoping I could find one in John Frieda collection, but alas. Plus, I'm a college student, I can't splurge all the time, not just yet anyway.

     Then on the bottom shelf of the busyness of shampoos and conditioners I found this: Renpure Originals. Not only is it sulfate-free, but it has argan oil in it! Which I LOVE! Very wonderful ingredient if you're looking for shiny, smooth hair. Plus that, it was on the more affordable end of all the sulfate-free products. So even better!
     I used it this morning, and I love the way it made my hair feel. :)

     Along with the shampoo and conditioner, I also purchased a sulfate-free dry shampoo from Aveeno.

     I also tried this last night, in a hurry for a non-greasy look solution so I could go out with my girls! Works quite well. :) I'm so excited to see how my hair feels as I keep using my new sulfate-free friends! 

   Jessica Ashley

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