Wednesday, March 12, 2014

RPM Makeup Academy

     Ok, so my summer break is nearly here!! What should I do with it? Well, since I'm totally into makeup, why not take a makeup artistry course? Since I don't have the time or money to move to California and go to MUD Academy, I thought about an online makeup course.
     I've read and heard a lot of great things about the RPM Makeup Academy online courses, and might just do their premier artistry course. It's not out-of-this-world expensive, and according to their website, it's only approximately 17 hours! Of course, doing that AND possibly having to juggle two jobs for the summer will be extremely busy, but I think it'd be fun! And of course I would blog about my progress. :) YouTube videos all around!

Online Makeup Courses

Excited to have new adventures with you! :)

  Jessica Ashley

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