Saturday, June 28, 2014

Double, Trouble, Toil and Bubble!: Creating the Witches of Macbeth

     So, today was awesome! I had opportunity to help someone with their film cast. My task? Turn a few girls into some creepy-looking, witch-like characters. I know it's not Halloween yet, but just take a look. Did I do it? I think so. :)

     Of course, I had to practice first. My dear friend, Amber, let me transform her while we all enjoyed some reruns of Boy Meets World before the premiere of Girl Meets World. I just needed to get out my basic idea for the creepy witch, and make sure it would work.

      Do those eyes with that curling smile not freak you out? I shared the photo with a couple people, their first reaction? "Whoa!" So, I think I did a good job. Do you think so?

     When I arrived at the place the filming was rolling they were in the middle of rehearsing/filming a clip of the trailer being made. Once I finally stole a second of the director's attention I showed him the photo, and asked him if that's what he was looking for. What do you think he said? "Ooooh yeah!" That's right. I'm awesome.

     As I started to  work on the girls, I felt like I didn't want to pale out their faces so much, so I used less of the aquacolor and let the texture look a little more splotchy. My goal wasn't to make these girls look skeletol, but pale and evil.
     My favorite part was probably the red under their eyes. I was told to pull my inspiration from Samara Morgan, the girl from The Ring. You know that movie where the girl's mother drops her into a well, covers it so she can't get back out, and it takes her 7 days to die, and the last thing she sees is the ring of light seeping through the cover over the well? Yeah, that was the basic idea behind this.

     One of the girls was really fun to do, because I got to play with her hair. She has REALLY straight, long hair, which didn't look too terrifying. I didn't have a comb, so I took one of my makeup brushes, used the end and made a zig-zag part in her hair. See? Doesn't that make it look a lot more straggly?
     Of course, the calick at the front of the head posed a challenge, but I rose and I conquered!

     The best part of all this? They actually really liked the makeup! I was even a stand-in for a piece of the video taken. Sweet! Double thumbs up!

    I actually had a lot of fun. I really liked being able to play, and make the girls' looks unique!

     Who knows, I might even do a tutorial on this. What do you think? Yes? No? Wait until Halloween? Let me know!

I will talk to you all later. Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

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