Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beach Beauty Done Right

     Before I forget to bring it to y'all's attention, I'm going to California next week!! Whoo-hoo!!! That's right, me plus beach plus sunshine equals happy me. :)

     As I will be at the beach enjoying the waves, this requires a few adjustments to my regular daily beauty routine. Wearing the same amount of foundation, eyeshadow, and my favorite mascara at the beach is really a recipe for disaster. If I were to do so, by the end of the day this would result in my foundation melted off my face, my eyeshadow horribly creased and wrinkled, and my mascara crying black rivers down my cheeks. Making it look as if I'd just had the worst day of my life. Not a good way to end the day, is it?

     So, that being said, how do I fix this dilemma. Firstly, I'll be needing to decrease the number of products I slap on my face, and/or lighten things up a bit (or a LOT). How do you do that? Well, what does a classy lady need when she is at the beach?:

  1. Sun protection (SPF)
  2. Moisturizing lip balm
  3. Waterproof EVERYTHING
Ok, and maybe a few other essentials like her bathing suit, a cute beach towel, lovely sunhat, sunglasses, etc. You know...
     Alright, so sun protection. When it comes to makeup, what you'll be looking for is anything that says "SPF" on it. You're also trying to keep things light, so switch from a medium to full coverage foundation, to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF. Your goal with be at least SPF 30, but it's possible the best you'll find is SPF 15. As long as you see SPF, you are good to go.

     Next up is a moisturizing lip balm which also comes with SPF. Trust me, you want SPF in this, sunburnt lips are the WORST! Make sure you do it right though, don't make your lips worse, even if it's unintentional. If you need any tips, check out Chapped and Cheated No More. You can especially have fun with this one, look for a fun color pink or peach tinted lip balm. Sport those lips, make them look pretty while at the same time giving them some TLC. :)

     With your last item, waterproof is a MUST. Find a black or brown mascara, and swipe on a couple coats. This way, you'll add life to your lashes, but you won't look like a raccoon after a nice cool dip in the water.
     Don't worry about curling your lashes, or concealer. A day at the beach is about relaxing, and giving yourself a break. You don't need to be trying too hard to impress anybody, let the real you come out! :)
If you're worried about that pop of color to your cheeks, the sun will do that for you. You'll be having so much fun, that flush with be there in no time. :)

See you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

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