Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Just Keeps Growing and Gro...Oh Wait, It's Not For Me?: Beginning a Client's Makeup Kit

     So, the time has finally come when I have begun to build a makeup kit for client's. Isn't that great? Yes, yes, I do love makeup, but now I am giving back and sharing my talents. See? I can be selfless (yay me!).
     The reason I had to begin a kit is, because up until this point all my projects have been for female models, which I have more likely than not done on myself, but now I must conquer the feat of men's photography makeup. Honestly, it's not really that hard, very simple. More simple than women's photography makeup, really. So, I built a little kit.

     And the best place to start a kit? Ulta, of course! I walked into Ulta, and it was great, because this time I got to grab one of their shopping bags! Yes! I was truly on a haul today. :) Now this being my first kit, and not many client's yet, I was looking for quality and affordable. I tapped one of the beauty advisers on the shoulder and asked her what she recommended. When her first response was "NYX" I was surprised, and not so much so at the same time. I've heard great things about NYX, and have tried some of their products myself, and loved them. I just didn't think that would be the first thing one would say when you tell them you're building a client kit. Hey, if it's good quality, I'm all for it. I've seen some of my favorite beauty gurus use NYX too, and yes, I recommend it myself. :)
     Since the friend of mine who agreed to help me is dark-skinned, I focused my attention in that area when it came to foundation and concealer; and since he is my very first "client", if you will, I wasn't about to splurge and get everything my kit could possible ever need or want all at one time. Better to built from where you are, and add on as you go. When it comes to clients, don't buy more than you need, or actually have use for. For example, if most of your clients are fair-skinned, chances are you're not going to have need for many dark shades of foundation in your kit, if any at all.

     I promise I stuck to my list, and actually many of my products were NYX, and of course, I couldn't forget beauty applicator essentials like makeup wedges, powder puffs, and disposal mascara wands. Even in all that care, my total still came out to over $100. I know, I know, but I promise I won't be going back for awhile. That was my splurge for the month.
     Hey, look at it this way. If I hadn't stuck to my list, and tried to put my entire kit together my total could have come to well over $300! Or something around there, maybe a little less than, but who knows. But that is exactly why I stuck to my list. See? I'm smart. :)

Check out the video below to see what I got!
Talk to you soon!
   Jessica Ashley

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