Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smack It On, Pop It On. Summer Lips Here I Come!

     How many lip colors in a collection does it take until you have too many? I mean really. Ten? Twelve? Twenty? Or is lip color the exception to obsession? That is my hope, because I LOVE lipstick. Pink, red, coral, purple; you name it, I've probably got it. I might be sick, and I'm afraid this lipstickness might be contagious. So, that being said, beauty lovers beware.

Think it's a problem yet (this isn't all of them)?

     Of course, my favorite is a classic. I consider myself a classy kind of woman, so why not fall in love with a timeless red?

     Now that we are approaching, or rather, actually in the steaming hot season of summer, it's time to brighten up that color scheme. Honestly, if I, for example, see you wearing a dark plum lipstick in the middle of a warm, sunny day I might be tempted to think any of the following: a) you are strangely depressed on this lovely day, b) you don't know how to plan lipcolor accordingly to time of day, or c) you don't know how to have fun!!

     Seriously, it's not just that amount and intensity of light outside that changes with the warmer season. As the season warms up, so do we. Why not swap that dark plum for a soft bubblegum pink, or a peachy coral? In fact, why not just make your lipstick your statement piece of the day? Let those lips speak for themselves! If you must wear a dark shade of lipstick, save it for that hot date night. That way your attire matches the intensity of light outside, which is basically none at that point of the night.

     Still, as a general rule of thumb for lip color in the summer time, keep it light and bright. The brighter the colors are that you place of your face, in this case the location of concern being your lips, the healthier and happier you will look!

    Maybe you aren't one for lipsticks, maybe you prefer sheer colors on your precious puckers, and just like something that either smells or tastes yummy. Then lipgloss is your go to. Of course, you can find colors just as lovely in this category. Ultimately, when in doubt, go for a nice nude whether you are a lipstick lover or a lipgloss guru. Whatever your preference, smack it on, smile, and let your lips do the talking.

Happy Adventures!

    Jessica Ashley

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