Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chapped and Cheated No More

     Hi! It's me again. So, food for thought: have you ever had trouble with outrageously chapped lips? If your lips are anywhere near as sensitive as mine, this is probably true. You use chapstick after chapstick, and probably most of those little babies, you don't even finish, because you lose them so easily! Am I right, or am I right? It seems that no matter how much of that stuff you use, it only ever feels that you need more, and so it is consumed more frequently. You know why? News flash! It doesn't really work!!!
     Why is that you may ask? I'll tell you why, it's because the companies that manufacture this little precious include an ingredient known as methanol into the product so that it actually makes your lips more chapped, and you have to continue using their so-called "chap repair" to get even some short-term relief. As a result, you keep purchasing this product that really isn't doing you any good, it's just reeling you backwards into misery. Just what those money misers want. I know, I'm guilty of it too. Why haven't I permanently stopped? Because I bought twelve of those little buggers at one time when they were on sale!! What a way to waste your money if you give up the habit now, right? Wrong.

     So what? So, chapstick doesn't really work. What else can I do? Even if I don't use it, my lips still get chapped and dried out. No, no. I am not telling you to completely give up hope of ever finding a healthy remedy for your poor, dry lips. I am telling you there is a better way to do it, however. How 'bout let's try something that, you know, DOESN'T leave your lips looking or feeling like the Sahara?


     My advice? Turn to the bare necessities in times like this. The best thing to use if you're not into any homemade remedies? Petroleum jelly or vaseline. Yup, that good old slimy stuff, right out of the jar. No weird tricks, or creepy ingredients, just an old friend that you probably haven't looked at since you were about five. Am I right? Of course, I don't recommend you carry around that hideously, inconveniently shaped, and sized jar in your pocket or purse. Of course not. Simply get a travel size container (find them at your local drugstore, dollar store, or online too), scoop some of that stuff inside, and ta-da! You have your very own, only true chap-repair product you'll ever need!

Talk to you all soon!

    Jessica Ashley

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