Saturday, May 31, 2014

Maleficent: Fairy Gone Bad...Oh Yes.

     Maleficent. Evil, cruel, and beautiful. Sounds like an unfair combination, doesn't it? I mean, really. If one is going to be so dedicated to the destruction of people's happiness, seemingly for the sole reason that they did not receive an invitation to the presentation of the baby princess, especially so, they've obviously got problems. Including horrible features when it comes to vanity, right? Not so much the case here, my friend.

 Look at her, even the Disney animation version of her is frighteningly striking.
     Though her voice is a bit non-charming, unless you know better, her beauty is definitely a mirage masking her evil character. Yet despite all that you still find yourself silently wishing that you could transform yourself into her. At least for a day. Well, maybe minus the green skin. That, my dears friends, is simply cliche. Not needed really, or at all. Since when did the color green begin to symbolize evil and viciousness? Last time I check it meant growth, and beauty. Then again, she is beautiful. There you go, she might be an exception to the stigma. Green and evil, but beautiful.

     Check out Angelina Jolie for this 2014's Maleficent, she's not green at all. The only green you see in her is in her eyes, or her makeup. Perfect.

Guess this goes to show you can be beautiful and evil with or without green skin.
     Many of you may be wondering how to do your own transformation at home. Unfortunately, I can't promise how to do the hallmark headdress, but I can show you one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, Nicole Guerriero who did a wonderful job herself. Check it out, you'll love it. :)

     Until next time, have fun discovering the Maleficent in you.

    Jessica Ashley

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