Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday Bash Bragging Rights

     As an newly official member of the club of 22-year-old blonde ladies, I claim to the bragging rights of my birthday, it's festivities, gifts I received, and all events that took place there in.
     That being said and done, I had an awesome birthday!! I got the day off of work, I slept in, and my mom brought me baked oatmeal with home-grown raspberries in it for breakfast! How awesome is that?? Yummy. :) For most of the day, I just lounged around, chilled in bed, watched some cool videos, worked on my channel a little bit, but unfortunately, the event of my birthday does not cancel summer, I studied a bit, grabbed my books, and went to class.

     Class wasn't actually too bad, we watched movie trailers for a good part of it, haha. We watched an I Love Lucy clip, and then finished of class with a documentary of Johnny Carson, we even got out early! I loved my Communications class, my teacher is awesome. :)
     Though it had cooled down a little outside, it looked like rain, that's because it! Not on my birthday! I had to walk home! I didn't want to go out to dinner looking like a dripping rag! In somewhat of a panic, I called someone dear to my heart, that was coming to dinner with me, and they speedily came to my rescue. Thank heavens, because just as soon as I had shut the car door it truly started raining. From there, it was onward to Spicy Thai!

     It is not weird being the first ones at your own dinner? I mean, when you're not the one hosting? "Yay, thanks for taking me out to dinner! one is here yet...", is that weird? So, not being the name on the dinner reservation, we waited in the car for the others to show up. Even after they did show up, I was surprised how long it took us to actually walk INTO the restaurant. Was I the only one that was hungry? But it was cool, because my mom pointed out and found a duck's nest under a little bush near the restaurant. It was actually really neat. Snapped a few pictures, and we finally went inside.
    Once we got into our seats and opened our menus, my eyes immediately darted for the curries. I LOVE Thai curry, especially green curry. So, naturally, that's what I ordered. Think I need to branch out a little?...Nah. I forget how much I really love Thai food. It's so good, and I love the spice, but my mouth can't take too much at once, but I kept eating too fast! My mouth was on fire! I glanced over at my significant other's plate, and I was even eating faster than them!! No way! As much as I love Thai food, I couldn't finish all of my curry, so I got a take-home bowl.

     At this point, I had to say goodbye to my dear sweetheart, being loaded with the burdens of a tough math course, they had a lot to get working on the was due the next day! Still, I thank him for the lovely flowers he sent me, and the lovely handwritten card. Mostly, thank for coming to dinner. :)

     Next of the agenda, I went back to my family's home, it's nice only living about 10 minutes away, and it was time for presents! The awesome part about it? Both me, and my sister got mostly makeup for our birthday. Haha. I got my little sample gift from Sephora, Urban Decay primer potion, zebra-print note cards, birthday money from the grandparents (at this point, they don't know what to get their 22-year-old grandkids, haha) and an amazing eyeshadow palette from Sephora! Complete with eyeshadow base, eyeliners, a brown eyeliner pencil, and a double-ended brush for eyeshadow and eyeliner. I'm having so much fun with it! :)
     After I got home, I changed into my pajamas, and had nearly gone the entire day with no one singing Happy Birthday to me, then a friend in my ward stopped by. Chatted about this and that, invited me to come along for slurpees, and then..."Happy Birthday to you..." ugh... Why is it so embarrassing to be stuck in the spotlight being serenaded with that song?? Oh well...all in all it was a great day.

As another piece to my rights of bragging, I feel like showing you my spoils, and what I purchased with my spoils (yes, I already found good use for the birthday money). Check out the video below. Enjoy!

New tutorial coming soon, thank you for joining me here in the limelight. :)

   Jessica Ashley


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