Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!: Festive Birthday Makeup

     Today is my birthday! Yay! It's not a very important number, actually no number is really, I still only stand 5' 1'', and always will. So throw some confete, and let me blow out the candles on some pretty-looking birthday cake, and call it a day. Yeah? Even still in the mist of all those short festivities (Ha, see what I did there?) shouldn't I at least take the time to get myself ready to party? Of course I should!

     Well, I definitely want to play it up, but still want to look like myself. You know, keep it realistic. No green eyebrows or anything.
     There is actually a makeup artist from MAC (unfortunately, I can't recall her name) that literally loves to look as fake as possible. Pink brows, green eyeshadow, and purple or pink lips. Now don't get me wrong, purple or pink on the lips, and green on the eyelids is lovely, but pink eyebrows? Unless you go to costume party every night or work in the circus for a living, keep your brow hairs to their natural color, please.
     So, what should I do? I natural smokey-eye with some bronze hues? Or maybe I should just go straight for a classic black, gray, and silver smokey-eye with a timeless red lip. I'm known for my glamourous and feminine looks, especially when it comes to makeup. Count on me to be the one making a statement with my makeup when I walk into a room. Oh yes.
     Or what about keeping it simple and just wearing a monotone look? Possibly, a nice pink the eyes, cheeks, and lips, and pair it with a sheer bb cream. That will certainly let my natural self through. Hardly any filters there.

     What am I saying?? It's my birthday! I must have fun!! That includes my face! Right?! That's right, I'm going for a nice classic natural smokey-eye with a red lip. Can't go wrong with that.

I'll keep you updated with the days festivities, follow me on Twitter! @makeupfanaticme

See you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

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