Monday, July 14, 2014

Makeup Artistry 101: Makeup Kit & Client Hygiene is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

     As a makeup artist, I have the skills and abilities to make you look how you wish, and how you don't wish. Whether that is glamorous and ready for the spotlight, or gruesome and ready to scare someone it is all up to you and what we discuss and plan out together. If you are also a makeup artist, you probably already know this, so that is nothing new, but there is one very essential thing you must NEVER forget when working with clients, and that is one very vital thing...HYGIENE IS CRUCIAL FOR THE HEALTH OF YOUR CLIENT!!!

     I am taking the time to give you this lesson so to protect you and your future clients (paid & not paid). So please, heed this wisdom, it will be very useful to you.

     Never is it okay or in any way a valid excuse to use your own personal makeup products and brushes on a client, whether that person is paying you or not it doesn't matter, NEVER use your own makeup and/or makeup brushes. There is a very specific reason that girls do not share makeup with each other, this includes everything from makeup brushes to mascara, and why makeup artists have a separate kit for their clients apart from their own personal makeup kit, and that reason is BACTERIA.
     Yes, that's right. As gross and horrifying as it may sound, there are thousands upon thousands of little, tiny, microscopic bacteria all over your makeup products. Do you know how many mites (microscopic little "bugs") live on your eyelashes? Or how many bacteria are in your eye alone? You reapply it day after day, and why doesn't it harm you, you may ask? Because it's all bacteria from YOU! But take those same bacteria-infested products and put them on someone else and that can be very harmful; anything from rash to infection can spread out on your client's face all from just one application of your own personal makeup.

    This is one very important reason why we makeup artists disinfect and sanitize all the products in our clients' makeup kit after EVERY SINGLE use. It doesn't take long, and it is not an expensive process, but this is an extremely crucial step to keep both you and your clients safe. Now this isn't to say that you need to personalize a makeup kit for every single client, that's going overboard; that's why we sanitize everything after every session, to make it clean and safe for the next client we use it on. Also especially be careful and cautious when using mascara. NEVER double dip the same mascara wand into a tube of mascara. If you do, plan on giving it to your client at the end of the session, or throwing it out. This is why we use disposable mascara wands, and get a new one for every time we need a new pump of mascara.
     Never use you hands and fingers directly on the client's face. That is what makeup sponges, brushes, powder puffs, mascara wands, and cotton swabs are for. Just because you wash your hands before beginning a session does not mean there is no bacteria on your hands. There is still bacteria that creeps back onto your hands, and there are still the natural oils on your hands and fingers that will dirty your client's face, and effect the application of makeup if you touch their face with your bare hands.

     So, please, please, please, PLEASE practice good hygiene and sanitation habits for the betterment of your career as a makeup artist. You will thank me.

I will talk to you all again soon!

    Jessica Ashley

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