Friday, July 4, 2014

Stars and Stripes and Cateyes!

     It's that time of year again. Yes, the wonderful anniversary of our beloved country of the United States of America. Time to fly our colors high, for anthems, music, and to dawn the colors of our nation all over. That includes ourselves!

     I thought I might try something I've never done before. I usually only sport blue on my face, being my favorite color, but this year why not all three? On top of that, why not pair it with a glamourous cateye? Yes, yes, sounds like a party to me. :) What makes a celebratory party look even better? Glitter! Whenever you feel that your look, whether clothes or cosmetics, needs a little more spice, add some glitter! When in doubt, add glitter, that's what I say. It's the perfect kind of sparkle to show others your ready to have some fun!

     So get out there, be brave, and show some patriotic spirit! I know you have it in you. You won't gain that confidence until you've done the scary part first. Try something new! Who knows? You might actually love it! :)

Happy Independence Day! Talk to you all soon!

   Jessica Ashley

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