Monday, July 7, 2014

Men's Commercial Makeup: It's Finally Done!

     Wow, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a guy that is willing for you to patch his face up, and make minor corrections so that the close-up looks as best it can! Honestly, even after you promise them that they will not look like a drag queen, and that they can wipe it off immediately after you're done with the assignment, they're STILL reluctant.

     With that said, after all this time, I finally completed that assignment, and just like I told my model after, he did NOT look like a drag queen! This was the quickest assignment ever, only took about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, do to touchy issues with "man card" reason, I had to promise I would not publicly post pictures of the before and after project. Only my instructor is able to view those handsome pictures. I'm very sorry for the stubbornness of men, but what can you do?
     I can tell you that it went well, and that it was some of the best makeup I've ever done. :) Yes, definitely building my confidence. So, thank you to my male model who shall remain annonymous. You're assistance, was much appreciated, and needed.

I will talked to you all soon. New tutorial coming up!

   Jessica Ashley

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