Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trifles of a Makeup Artist: Dealing With Disappointment

     When you're a makeup artist, you have this captivating vision set out in front of you. A vision that is full of success, and even possibly fame. One where everyone that meets you knows and loves your work, and wants you to come be the expert on their set, because they know you will be spectacular.

     Sometimes, your assistance is requested, and you become excited and hyped, ready to conquer the world. Your imagination flutters with creations and designs of how to beautify the models and subjects placed before you, and you can't wait to prepare and get started! You have all these extraordinary and unique ideas, and then without warning...the plug is pulled, and your once ginormous pool of creativity, swarming with magic, is now a swirling tub of water funneling down the drain. Ouch.
     It hurts, it does. But you can't let that get you down, you have to keep making goals, and working towards them, and above all, keep doing what you love; because one day, you will be noticed. Never stop practicing, practice makes better. The more you practice, the better you become. Thus the more magnificient your beauty profile, and your talent!

     What might one need to stay motivated? A new product to try? A new challenge? A checklist of things to do? Or how about all of the above? Oh! Almost forgot, chocolate. Chocolate never fails to better my day, even if it's only minimally, it always helps to have that goodness to savor and melt in my mouth. :)
     Ok, so a new product. What does one need for such an item? Money. Yes, that's right. Especially when you're stuck on a student budget, making a fund for "pick-me-up" splurges like this helps. For all you artists out there who love the feeling of holding new makeup for the first time, and taking it out of the crisp packaging, know how hard it is to SAVE that money. Now you need a way to make it FUN!!

     I find that one way to make it fun, and to help keep myself motivated to do so is to keep it where I can see it, but always in a place where it's not easy for me to reach it. This is where a simple DIY project with a traditonal mason jar comes in handy.
     But just placing a plain mason jar on your top shelf isn't very motivating, is it? No. You have to make the marker of your makeup fund look appealing, so to keep the goal of having a fund appealing. Slap a picture of your next big splurge item on the front of it, tie some ribbons around it, use a stencil and some paint, just make the jar itself look fun. :)

     Now, whenever you have any extra pocket change, or after each paycheck, put some money in there.
Maybe $10-$20 every payday. It'll add up quick, I promise. :) Never lose sight of your goals. Without goals you lose your ambition, and ambition is a big part of reaching for the stars!

Talk to you all soon!

     Jessica Ashley

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