Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sulfate Free and Fabulous!

     Hello! Little update of these past few weeks that I've been treating my hair to some lovely sulfate-free therapy of RenPure Originals Shampoo & Conditioner. It works! Though I didn't completely cut heat tools from my hair routine, it works! My hair feels SO much softer, and looks shinier!! It is even a little bit thicker! :) Brilliant! It was after about two weeks that I started to notice a significant change in the way my hair felt. Less fall out, less breakage, all around better feel to it.
     My favorite thing about this whole process (besides the fact that my hair is healthier, of course)? The shampoo isn't expensive! It's quite cheap, actually. Always a plus. Always. Also, something else I noticed? My hair isn't as greasy anymore! It's awesome! So, I can be even nicer to my hair, give it a break between washings, and let it absorb the natural oils it produces to keep itself healthy. Oh lovely, lovely day.

Talk to you later!

    Jessica Ashley

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