Monday, May 19, 2014

Put it in the Bucket!: What's on Your List?

     Ok, so summer's here and I know you've got things you want to do before the first leaf falls. You want to going on that hike you've never attempted before, have a non-alcoholic all-nighter party, have a tv-show binge marathon, etc. But have you thought about things you could do to kick up the fun you have with makeup? Does anybody else get bored with the EXACT same makeup routine every, single morning? It's summer-time! Live it up a little! Now is the time to try something you've never done before! Be brave! Take chances! Make mistakes, and get messy!! (Do you like my Ms. Frizzle reference?)

50 Things to Put on Your Summer Bucket List 2014:
1. Have a No Makeup day. Just go the whole day without wearing any makeup, and give your face a break (it needs a vacation too, you know).

2. Wear a crazy color (electric blue, lime green, gold, orange, etc.) as an eyeliner.

3. Do a monotone look. Wear the same color on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

4. Create a Statement makeup look. Makeup look that matches a theme, either of fashion era, or color scheme. Make it as crazy as you like! Think runway makeup.

5. Try-out different brands, and find your favorite tinted moisturizer.

6. Wear a dramatic cat-eye liner.

7. Wear some false eyelashes.

8. Create an dramatic smokey-eye

9. Try-out a new lipstick shade/color

10. Wear a classic red lip.

11. Do a makeup style from another era (1920s, 30s, 40s, etc.)

12. Try different foundation finishes (dewy, matte, satin, etc.)

13. Fill your eyebrows in with a different color (green, blue, purple, pink, etc.).

14. Try a colored mascara (blue, red, green, etc.).

15. Try double-winged eyeliner

16. Create and wear a glamorous, bridal look

17. Make your own lip color with a colored eyeshadow, and petroleum jelly (I'll show you how).

18. Wear an Egyptian style eyeliner

19. Line your waterline with a colorful eyeliner pencil.

20. Learn how to contour and scuplt your face!

21. Learn how to change the shape of your eyebrows, just by filling them in with a brow pencil or powder.

22. Perfect the art of lining your lips with lip liner.

23. Create a better lip pout by using a two different colors on your lips.

24. Use shimmer powder on your face (eyes, lips, etc.).

25. Try using different texture eyeshadows (cream, loose, pressed powder).

26. Line your waterline with a white or light-colored pencil to open your eyes up.

27. Replicate the makeup look of your favorite movie character.

28. Use makeup to turn yourself into your favorite animal, just for fun.

29. Imitate your favorite celebrity

30. Create an easy, breezy, summer makeup look that let's your face breath!

31. Find a favorite cream blush, wear a monotone makeup look.

32. Curl your lashes.

33. Experiment with thick and thin line for eyeliner.

34. Wear bronzer!

35. Go to your favorite makeup counter/store and get a consultation specifically for you!

36. Reorganize and clean up your makeup collection

37. Wear a color of eyeshadow you've never tried before. It just might work.

38. Buy a new makeup brush (or two, or three, or maybe more...).

39. Create a makeup look with a new color combination. Use your imagination and make it work!

40. Create a new makeup look using your favorite color.

41. Wear a new nail polish color.

42. Splurge on a wish-list makeup product.

43. Try a new gel liner.

44. Get in the habit of a deep cleanse or mask for your face at least once a week.

45. Tired of losing track of how many lipsticks you have? Melt 'em down, and make your own lipstick palette! (I will also show you how)

46. Master the art of applying liquid liner like a pro!

47. Ditch the habit of chapstick! Petroleum jelly/vaseline is your new friend.

48. Learn the undertones of your own skin and find the foundation shade that's just right for you.

49. Stop touching your face so much! Don't you know, that's a key cause of acne?

50. Take a picture of all your beauty adventures, and make a scrapbook! :)

Happy exploring!


     Jessica Ashley

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